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Rocket ‘Kairos’ exploded just 5 seconds after take off

Japan Rocket Blast: Rocket ‘Kairos’ exploded just 5 seconds after take off, LIVE incident captured on camera

The rocket of Japan’s Space One company exploded immediately after take-off. According to news agency IANS, Space One Company’s rocket took off on Wednesday. However, the Kairos rocket exploded seconds after takeoff.

Space One company’s attempt failed

According to the information, this was the first attempt by Japan’s Space One company to place a satellite in orbit. However, this attempt of Space One company failed.

Rocket exploded just after take off

Let us tell you that the Kairos rocket took off at the launch site in Wakayama province of western Japan at 7:30 am Indian time. However, the 18-meter-long, four-stage solid-fuel rocket exploded after takeoff. This incident was captured on camera.

Last year too there was an explosion in a rocket

Xinhua news agency reported that after the rocket exploded, a scene of smoke and fire was visible in the sky. At present it is being investigated. It is noteworthy that in July last year, another Japanese rocket engine exploded after about 50 seconds of fire.


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