Hyper Boost of OnePlus 12R

Hyper Boost, Hyper Render and Hyper Touch of OnePlus 12R make it a great smartphone

New Delhi. The quality of the phone is known after using it for a few months. For example, we can understand from the phone screen what is the level of the phone, it will give us a better touch experience or it will respond again after repeated touch. OnePlus smartphones are known for better user experience. They offer high resolution, vibrant colors and smooth refresh rates along with great performance.

Its new smartphone OnePlus 12R has become recognized for its better performance and stunning display, which makes it the most powerful smartphone till date. Let us know what are its features.

Perfect touch experience

The legacy of the R series is behind the OnePlus 12R, the flagship smartphone of 2024. OnePlus 12R is much ahead compared to its older series. This smartphone is the first phone to use more than 20% aluminium, including the frame and internal magnesium alloy. It feels strong in the hand and is also durable. It is IP64-rated, suitable for adverse weather conditions.

Hyper Boost, Hyper Render and Hyper Touch of OnePlus 12R make it a great smartphone. The touch experience of this phone is excellent. This is the first phone in the industry that detects and reacts quickly to wet screen and fingers. It excels in delivering perfect touch response without any lag, especially in adverse weather conditions, meaning you will not see any mistouches or delayed reactions on this phone.

Let us tell you that OnePlus 12R has the fourth generation LTPO 120Hz ProXDR. Compared to the previous generation, it comes with upgraded brightness and color levels. LTPO 4.0 is an intelligent dynamic refresh rate system that lets the phone switch between 1Hz and 120Hz refresh rates faster and smarter than ever, while also saving the phone’s battery life.

In this way, this smartphone gives a completely smooth touch experience to the users. However, another advantage of LTPO 4.0 is that it reacts perfectly to the speed of finger swipe. This means that when flicking the screen at slow speed, the refresh rate can only change to 60Hz, 72Hz or 90Hz, while for fast scrolling it will go up to 120Hz.

Best performance with best chip

OnePlus 12R smartphone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. This chipset offers 35% better CPU performance, 25% better GPU performance and a great camera experience compared to 8 Gen 1. The smartphone comes with LPDDR5X RAM which offers better power efficiency compared to the previous version. It is available in two variants. The first variant is 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, and the second variant is 16GB RAM and 256GB storage.

Whichever variant you use, you will benefit from industry leading performance. The OnePlus 12R packs a 5,500mAh battery, which is OnePlus’s largest battery to date, with 100W SUPERVOOC charging support. It charges the phone 1-100% in 26 minutes.

camera with flagship sensor

OnePlus 12R has a flagship sensor, which consistently gives great performance. It has Sony IMX890, 50MP flagship sensor. Along with the primary camera, its secondary camera is also good, which fulfills your needs of selfie and ultra wide photography. It comes with Optical Image Stabilization, which is capable of giving good photos in low light. Apart from this it works on RAW HDR algorithm. Developed in-house, this algorithm takes HDR photography to the next level by taking multiple HDR photos at the same time.

Overall, OnePlus 12R is a best smartphone. Its superior touch screen experience shows that the phone will not disappoint you in touch response while playing games, scrolling or doing other tasks. To secure the future of the phone, four years of software support is available. It is available in two colors – Cool Blue and Iron Grey.


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