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Taliban will invest in Chabahar Port built by India in Iran

Tehran: The Taliban government in Afghanistan has committed to invest $35 million in Iran’s Chabahar port. This strategic investment move by the Taliban government includes the development of commercial, residential and administrative projects. Iranian Special Envoy to Kabul Hassan Kazmi Qomi has announced about the investment.

He called it an important step by the Afghan government to diversify its trade and economic partnerships beyond its traditional ties with neighboring countries. The investment was made public following the recent visit of an Afghan delegation to Iran, which shows the growing economic cooperation between the two countries.

An Afghan government delegation that reached Iran has signed a deal for investment in Chabahar port. In this agreement between the two countries, the Afghan government has decided to invest 35 million dollars in Chabahar Port. The Taliban government is investing $35 million in commercial, residential and government projects in Chabahar Port and Chabahar Free Economic Zone.

The Taliban’s investment will be used in the Fakhar construction project, a 25-storey high-rise building. This investment will also shock the neighbor of both the countries, Pakistan. There has been tremendous tension in Pakistan’s relations with Taliban in recent times.

Iran’s Chabahar Port has special strategic importance

Last year, there were tense relations between Iran and Afghanistan. There was also a clash between the two countries over the distribution of Hiramand river water. In such a situation, this step of the Taliban government has surprised many people.

Despite Iran being one of Afghanistan’s main economic partners and the Taliban reopening their embassy in February 2023, Tehran does not officially recognize the Taliban as the country’s legitimate government.

Iran’s Chabahar port is also very important from strategic point of view. It is also seen as a strategic port of India compared to Gwadar. India has huge investment in Chabahar Port. China has built Gwadar Port nearby. Gwadar has been developed by China under the Belt and Road Project and it is very important for Beijing.

After the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the activity of Chabahar port was affected but things will improve after the Taliban itself comes forward for investment. Taliban does not have good relations with Pakistan but it has talked about good diplomatic and trade relations with India. Now he also seems to be trying to improve relations with Iran.


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