US President Joe Biden's health report released

US President Joe Biden’s health report released

His doctors on Wednesday released his annual physical report on US President Joe Biden. Doctors said that Biden exercises five days a week and is fit for duty. Also, the report said that 81 -year -old Biden was last year of Root Canal. His sleep apnea is being treated but his health is good.

Doctor Kevin O’Coner said, Biden is feeling stiff in walking, but his situation is good since last year. Both of his legs have peripheral neuropathy, gastroisophageal reflux, allergies and spinal cord which is being treated with medication. Now the President is feeling good and this year he is physically healthy.

There is no new concern about Biden’s health

O’Coner said, “There is no new concern about Biden’s health. He is fit for duty and can fully handle all his responsibilities.”
Biden is the oldest president in American history

Let us know that this year, the health of President Biden has been investigated more because he is contesting again as the oldest president in American history.


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