Iran Elections 2024

Iran Elections: Voting in Iran is no less than a challenge for the government

Iran Elections 2024: Parliamentary elections in Iran are to be held on Friday. However, in this election, a big challenge before the government is to bring people to the polling station for votes. It is believed that the percentage of voting may be low,

Because there are many people who are talking about boycotting voting. There are widespread dissatisfaction on the decaying economy, large -scale protests over the years, tension with the West on Tehran’s nuclear program, etc.

Officials have urged people to vote. The Islamic Consultative Assembly has 290 members. The Parliament monitors the Executive Branch, vote on the treaties and handles other issues.

However, practically the full power in Iran is with its supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The fundamentalists have controlled the Parliament for the last two decades. In recent weeks, the demand for boycott of voting has intensified.


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