Texas Wildfire: Fierce fire in the forests of Texas

Texas Fire The fire in Texas Panhandal is spreading rapidly due to which many people have to vacate their homes and also had to cut power in many cities. At the same time, the incompatibles had to struggle a lot to overcome the increasing flames of the fire. The spreading fire is getting out of control and now the rural towns can also be endangered.

The forests of Texas Panhandal caught fire on Wednesday, due to which people had to leave the affected area and go to a safe place. Due to this, the power supply in the area was cut off, which affected thousands of people while a nuclear weapon unit had to shut down for some time, as the fire was spreading rapidly due to strong winds, dry grass and unmatched hot temperatures. Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared a disaster for 60 county. The fire in the smokehouse creek became the second largest forest fire in the history of the province.

The functioning of the US nuclear weapon unit was stopped on Tuesday night but the unit said that it was open for normal work on Wednesday. Officials have not explained what causes the fire that spread to the low -populated county. Adriana Hill said in Borger, about 13,000 people in Hachinson County, said that he and his family were very scared as the fire had surrounded the entire city until the wind changes.

Flames erupted due to strong wind

Hill (28) said, “It was like a fire rings around Borger, there was no way to get out… all four main roads were closed. Flames came from my house in a radius of about 1.6 km, where I live with my husband and 20 -month -old son. “

Hill said, “The thing that saved us was the northern wind… it blew it in the opposite direction.”

It may rain today

At the same time, the weather forecast gave some hope for firefighters. It has been estimated that the weather will be cold with rain on Thursday and wind speed will not be fast. According to the latest information released by Texas A and M One Service early Wednesday, the smokehouse creek fire in Hachinson County has burnt an area of about 2,070 square kilometers. This is five times more than the size of Monday, when this fire began.


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