Dem NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Says ‘Young Black Kids’ Don’t Know the Word ‘Computer’

Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) believes that “young black kids growing up in the Bronx don’t even know what the word ‘computer’ is.”

“They don’t know,” she added. “They don’t know these things.”

This condescension toward black people has always simmered just beneath the surface of the Democrat Party (the party that fought a Civil War to hold onto their slaves, and then created the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, and segregation). But earlier this month, it bubbled and then burst to the surface through Hochul’s ignorant and racist mouth.

You can watch the full video of her appearance at the “Milken Institute Fireside Chat” here. Her racist remarks are heard at about the seven-minute mark… Afterward comes my favorite part… Watch as Hochul, after spewing racism, is allowed to go on without being challenged by the event moderator, the far-left Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart. He’s such a good dog, he allows a white woman to get away with a blatant act of racism without challenging her, pushing back, or even mentioning it.

Because she’s a Democrat, and he’s a partisan eunuch, Capehart simply moves on…

White Democrat: Black people are too ignorant to know what a computer is.

Eunuch: Tell us more about how awesome you are. 

This is a truly revealing moment because this is what Democrats really think of black people… In that respect, nothing has changed since the days of slavery except the style of the plantation. Democrats still believe black people are helpless and ignorant. Democrats believe black people are something less and — through the federal government — must be cared for and controlled.

It’s the worst kind of racism, the only “acceptable” racism allowed today (along with hating whitey) because this lie about black people being inferior empowers Democrats and the organized left.

But Capehart, man… What a wretched little man to allow such a thing to be said without challenge. But he only cares about himself and his place at the corporate media trough. He couldn’t even summon the decency and dignity to state the obvious…

Why is it only black kids in the Bronx, Governor? What about the white, Hispanic, and Asian kids stuck in the Bronx? Do they not face the same disadvantages? Would they not be just as ignorant?

Instead, he once again proved himself a coward, a punk, and an establishment whore willing to allow a gob of blatant racism to be spit in his face as long as his status remains.

Racist Democrats and their loyal sell-outs. Despicable people.

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