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Zombie Virus In Siberia

Zombie Virus In Siberia: New threat of zombie virus! Is there a big ‘disaster’ hidden under the snow of Siberia?

Zombie Virus: A scientist named Jean-Michel Claverie, a geneticist from X-Marseille University, has done research on the zombie virus hidden in Siberia.

Zombie Virus News: You must have heard about global warming many times. Now this global warming can become the cause of such a danger which can take the lives of millions of people all over the world.

You must have heard about Siberia. Where the mercury reaches below minus 50 degrees Celsius. Snow is visible all around. A large number of tourists come to Siberia to see the huge sheets of snow. But a huge disaster is hidden beneath this snow. There are some viruses under the snow which have been buried for about 48 thousand 500 years.

A scientist named Jean Michael Clavery, a geneticist from AIX Marseille University, has done research on this. What has been revealed in the research is shocking for the whole world.

According to Clavery’s research:
  • Many different virus strains have been detected from 7 different sites in Siberia.
  • A virus buried under the snow of Siberia is about 48 thousand 500 years old.
  • Viruses frozen in Arctic Permafrost can become active once again and cause an epidemic.
  • In Siberia, the snow has been receding rapidly due to which the zombie virus buried under the snow can come out and become active again and cause an epidemic.

Why is it being called zombie virus?
The question is why scientists call these viruses zombie viruses. You must have seen zombies in Hollywood or Bollywood films. You might have heard about it too. Zombies look very dangerous. In the same way, this is a zombie virus. Like in movies, zombies remain hidden and then attack. Similarly, zombie viruses are hidden under the snow of Siberia, which can become active and bring destruction.

48 thousand 500 year old virus
This research has been done jointly by scientists from Russia, France and Germany. According to research, the name of the 48 thousand 500 year old virus is Pandora Virus Yedoma. This is a new record for the age of the frozen virus.

Earlier, the age of a virus found in Siberia itself was recorded as 30 thousand years. This virus was also alive like the Pandora virus and was capable of infecting other organisms.

After research by scientists, it has been found that the biggest reason for this danger is global warming due to which the snow in Siberia is melting rapidly.

The research done so far on the zombie virus buried under the snow of Siberia is indicating great danger. To know how fast this threat can increase, we will also have to know about the Siberia region.

Russia’s Siberia is always covered with snow and the zombie virus is buried under this snow. But as long as there is snow, humans are safe.

According to research by Bonn University

Due to the severe heat in Siberia, the temperature increased by 6 degrees Celsius from 1979 to 2000. That means the heat has increased rapidly. Due to which the snow is continuously melting.

  • The ice in Siberia has melted so fast that the skeletons of creatures like mammoths that died thousands of years ago are now coming to light.
  • Poisonous methane gas trapped within the thick layer of ice has started coming out. Which is becoming a major reason for the rapidly melting snow.

According to the report of Environmental Defense Fund, methane gas has the power to heat the environment 80 times more.

Permafrost is melting?
Permafrost, this word is completely new to you. You may not even have heard about it. Permafrost is actually a permanently frozen layer on or below the Earth’s surface. It consists of soil, gravel and sand, it remains frozen with ice.

Permafrost is melting rapidly due to climate change. And because of this, the danger of dangerous viruses like zombies coming out, which have been suppressed for 48 thousand 500 years, has also increased.

What is changing in Siberia?
Two things are happening very fast in Siberia right now. First, the heat is increasing rapidly in this coldest region of the world. According to a research, till now the heat in Siberia has increased 600 times. And the second reason is that due to the heat, the snow accumulated here is melting very fast.

Due to permafrost, on one hand there was oil leakage in Siberia because oil pipes burst in winter, while on the other hand when the ice melts, the ground beneath it starts releasing greenhouse gases. And for this reason the effect of global warming is clearly visible in Siberia.

Siberia is currently facing a new crisis. Due to which the risk of viruses hidden for thousands of years coming out has increased.


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