Students kidnapped

Students kidnapped: Kidnapping of children has become a business in this country since 2014

Students kidnapped: Kidnapping of children has become a business in this country since 2014, this time 287 were kidnapped together.

Nigeria school attack Gunmen kidnap 287 students: The cases of targeting schools and kidnapping of children in Nigeria of the African continent are not stopping. The figures of kidnapping of school children have increased the concern of the United Nations (UN).

African experts believe that children are being kidnapped by an organized gang here. The country’s government and administration have failed to stop this. This time, the alleged child traffickers crossed all limits and kidnapped 287 school students together. What happened then and why is this happening in Nigeria? Let us tell.

Some time ago, gunmen in Nigeria kidnapped 287 school children in Kuriga City. This is the biggest attack on a school in Nigeria since 2021, when such a large number of students were kidnapped. After the police statement and the news on TV, the news of this incident spread like wildfire. Immediately the parents of the children and family members of the school staff reached the spot. At present, the Kaduna State Police has maintained silence. The police have not answered the questions asked regarding this biggest incident of kidnapping.

Economics teacher Sani Abdullahi said in his first statement that many parents have shared the details of their children with us, based on them the number of children kidnapped from the intermediate block is 187, while the number of children kidnapped from primary school is currently Is 40. Although this figure may increase.

Kuriga local councilor Idris Maylura said he ran towards the school as soon as he got the news but by the time the police arrived the gunmen had captured 100 primary school children. But later released them.

There is mourning in the homes of the kidnapped children. Parents of the students and local residents have blamed the lack of security in the area for the kidnapping. He says that he is fed up with the incidents happening every day. In such a situation, many parents are now afraid of sending their children to school and are thinking of removing their names from the school.

Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani visited Kuriga and promised to free the students, but did not say how many students were missing. Amnesty International has appealed to Nigerian authorities to rescue the students safely and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Fatima Osman, whose two children were among those kidnapped, told Reuters: ‘We don’t know what to do, we are all waiting to see what God can do. They are my support. These are my children in the world. They should be released soon.

Children have a soft heart. They are like a potter’s raw pitcher. Whatever mold is given to you from childhood, you get molded into that shape and environment. When children are kidnapped to fulfill some evil purpose by using them as weapons then it becomes an extreme case.

Poverty and unemployment are at their peak in Nigeria. In such a situation, armed groups often use children as shields to challenge the government or to get their demands met. For this reason, the danger looming over the school children of Nigeria has not gone away yet.


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