The best desktop computers in 2024 for every type of family

The best desktop computers for 2024

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The latest and best laptops perform as well as the best desktop computers, but they can still fit in a backpack. That said, some people still prefer the larger monitor, full size keyboard, wireless mouse, massive amount of storage and high-end processing power of a desktop. In fact, you’re usually better off going with desktop computers if you want to save some cash, as even the models with better specs than their mobile counterparts tend to be less expensive.

Whether you’re building an home office space for a work from home position or setting up a family computer everyone can use to play games or watch their favorite TV shows, a great desktop computer is hard to beat. But as with laptops, there are so many different models to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is worth your hard-earned cash. For instance, which one is best for someone who spends most of their time editing photo and video? Which computer would make a great general family workstation and entertainment center?

Relax, we’ve got your back. Check out our picks below for the best desktop computers of 2024. 

The best desktop computers for 2024

Best Windows desktop PC: Dell XPS Desktop

Dell XPS Desktop PC


This Dell XPS model is powered by a 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700 processor, which is complemented by a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GPU, so gaming and other graphic-intensive tasks are no problem. The computer comes with 32GB of RAM (which is upgradable to 64GB), a 1TB SSD and a 2TB HHD for internal storage. 

It also comes with a basic Dell wired keyboard and mouse, but you’ll probably want to upgrade those. 

You can choose to have Windows 365 or Microsoft Office come preinstalled on the computer, along with Windows 11 Pro. The model also comes with a one-year subscription to McAfee Business Protection. 

Overall, this Dell XPS desktop computer is a mid-range Windows PC suitable for most home office workers, students and everyday computer users. If this hardware configuration isn’t enough, the Dell website offers other pre-configured versions. 

Best Apple iMac for everyday use: iMac with 24-inch Retina display

Apple iMac (2023)


Available in seven vibrant colors, the 2023 edition of the Apple iMac desktop computer features a beautiful, 24-inch, 4.5K Retina display (with a maximum brightness of 500 nits). The iMac is powered using the Apple M3 processor. This latest iMac rendition is a mere 11.5 millimeters thick, so it offers a sleek and modern design that’s accompanied by a nice collection of features — from USB Type-C (Thunderbolt) ports to Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity and a 1080p resolution FaceTime HD camera for video calling. 

The iMac also comes with a six-speaker array that supports spatial audio and Dolby Atmos; the latest version of MacOS Sonoma operating system; and a generous collection of apps. With iCloud access, the iMac automatically syncs data, documents, files, photos and content with all of your other Apple equipment (like your MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch).

The core configuration of the iMac comes with an Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse, but both can be upgraded at the time of purchase. And if you shop directly from Apple, you can custom configure your computer. There are three versions of the M3 processor, and each iMac option lets you choose the amount of memory and SSD internal storage. If you’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem and have not upgraded your iMac in a while, this 2023 version is the most feature-packed and powerful yet. 

Best budget Windows PC:  Acer Aspire TC-1770-UR11

Acer Aspire TC-1770-UR11 Desktop Computer


The Acer TC-1770-UR11 is a budget-friendly Windows PC with a traditional tower design. It does not come with a monitor, and you’ll probably want to upgrade to a wireless mouse and keyboard. This version of the computer has an entry-level configuration that’ll nicely handle everyday computing tasks. 

The computer comes with a 10-core Intel Core i5-13400 processor with a 1.8GHz processing speed in regular mode or 4.6 GHz in turbo mode. For the GPU, you get Intel UHD Graphics 730. It comes with 8GB of RAM (expandable anytime up to 32GB) using the computer’s two DDR4 SDRAM memory slots. The computer also comes configured with a 512GB SSD for internal storage, but this too can be upgraded later.

And speaking of upgradability, the TC-1770-UR11 has two PCI slots and a SD card reader, along with a decent selection of ports and wireless connectivity options. If all you need is a computer with basic processing power, this is a viable but no-frills option that’s very affordable.

Best Windows desktop PC for gaming: Corsair Vengeance i8200 series

Corsair Vengeance-i8200 Gaming Desktop PC


If you’re a serious PC gamer with a high budget, the Corsair Vengeance i8200 is the desktop computer for you. 

The computer is driven by Corsair’s own iCUE software that’s designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience by giving you full control over the computer and its components. This includes optional smart lighting you can set up for your gaming space. 

Included software lets you surface calibrate your mouse and adjust its DPI, record macros, remap keyboard keys and buttons and fine-tune headset audio settings.

To complement this premium gaming PC, there are plenty of specialized gaming monitors, keyboards, mice and gaming headsets available from Corsair and other companies. Also available from the Corsair website are other Vengeance i8200 series hardware configurations, although the one featured here is top-of-the-line.

Best all-in-one Windows desktop PC: Lenovo Yoga AIO 9i Gen 9

Yoga AIO 9i All-In-One Desktop PC


As an all-in-one Windows PC, the Lenovo Yoga AIO 9i Gen 9 comes pre-configured with everything the average user needs. The computer rocks a sleek and modern design, with a monitor that tilts up to 20 degrees to provide the perfect viewing angle. 

The computer’s 31.5-inch monitor showcases 4K resolution content. Integrated into the monitor are four Harmon Kardon speakers that support Dolby Atmos. Whether you’re working from home, or just need a computer your kids can use, the Yoga AIO 9i Gen 9 offers versatility at an affordable price. And because it comes pre-configured, it’s ideal for people who are not too tech-savvy, but still need a decent level of computing power. 

We’re fans of this computer’s overall aesthetic, and we’re impressed by the vividness of the 4K display and the solid performance of the CPU. One cool feature: The base of the monitor serves as a wireless charging pad for a smartphone or other small device. Unfortunately, there’s no separate GPU, but this computer can definitely handle casual PC gaming. And while it has a webcam built-in, its 5MP resolution is not great, so you’ll probably want to connect a higher-end camera if you plan to use the computer to for video calls.

Do you need an all-in-one desktop computer?

For someone who is tech savvy, configuring a desktop computer and accessories is a no-brainer. For someone with less tech experience, a pre-configured all-on-one desktop computer is more stress-free.

The biggest benefit of an all-in one computer: Within the monitor are all of the computer’s main components, including the CPU, GPU, RAM and internal storage. The computer also comes with a mouse and keyboard — all in the same box. All of Apple’s iMac desktop computers are considered all-in-one computers, but many Windows PC desktop computer makers (including Acer, Dell, Lenovo and HP), also offer this type of computer setup. 

Everything you need comes in the same box and is pre-configured. Plus, the computer’s operating system (and typically a selection of other software) comes preinstalled. With an all-in-one computer, you’re letting the maker pre-select the best combination of components on your behalf. These computers also take up less desk space and tend to be more asethetically appealing. All-in-one computers are also easier to transport.

Some of the drawbacks of purchasing an all-in-one computer are that you have fewer customization options. Plus, some types of upgrades are simply not doable. You typically can’t upgrade the CPU, GPU or monitor without purchasing a new computer. You can, however, typically upgrade just the RAM and computer’s internal storage (SSD or HDD) after purchase, plus choose an alternate wired or wireless keyboard and mouse.

How often should I replace a desktop computer?

A typical user will get between three to five years out of a new desktop computer before needing upgrades to core components. With the Windows and MacOS operating systems, all major software is usually updated continually, but there will come a time when the tech just won’t hold up. It’s at this point you’ll need to upgrade the computer or replace it.

There’s also the potential that components within the computer, such as the internal SSD of HHD storage device, could fail over time. Some of those can be repaired or replaced. But if internal storage is filled to capacity and you’re noticing a sharp decline in the computer’s performance, these could be indications that it’s time to upgrade. Or if you try to install new software, but get an error message saying your machine does not meet minimum requirements, this is another clear indication that your computer has become outdated and should be replaced. 

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