Saudi Mission 2035
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Saudi Mission 2035, Network of factories is spreading across the country.

Saudi Arabia 2035: Saudi Arabia has accelerated the pace of its industrialization so much that it has started giving direct competition to western countries. According to the latest data, the number of industrial units in Saudi Arabia has increased by 10 percent in the year 2023.

For a time, Gulf country Saudi Arabia was counted only among oil producing countries. But Saudi Arabia is continuously expanding its economy, industrialization is increasing rapidly year after year.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, the number of industrial units in Saudi Arabia has increased by 10 percent in the year 2023. The number of industrial units in Saudi has reached 11,549. Ministry spokesman Jarrah bin Mohammed Al-Jarrah said that an investment of $48.4 million has been made to expand the industrial unit.

Accelerating industrialization is part of Saudi’s 2035 plan in which the target has been set to increase industrial units to 3600. On the other hand, the government has started production in a total of 1,058 factories with an investment of 45 billion Saudi Riyals.

Apart from this, Jarrah also said that the government is taking many steps for industrialization and licenses have been issued to factories in different sectors to expand the economy.

Saudi ready to prove its mettle in the world

By 2035, Saudi Arabia will increase the number of factories in its country to 36 thousand, out of which 4 thousand will be completely automated. Saudi Arabia is making its economy dynamic and challenging to western countries. Saudi has established itself as a leader of the industrial revolution by adopting new technologies like AI, 3D printing and robotics into the country’s work. After 2016, King Salman launched his Vision 2030, after which industrial investment in the country has reached 132 billion dollars and the Kingdom is continuously progressing in this field.

In which area are Saudi factories being built?

Saudi Arabia has issued licenses to factories for food production, manufacturing of non-metallic materials, metal products and rubber-plastics within the country. While talking about his vision, King Salman Khan of Saudi Arabia had said that the next Europe will be the Middle East. We will present Saudi as an example to the world, you will find Saudi as a futuristic country in the coming times.


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