M1 Concourse’s first Cars & Coffee of the year is this weekend

If you love cars, caffeine, and not spending any money, this event’s for you. Pontiac’s M1 Concourse is kicking off its 2024 season with its popular Cars & Coffee event featuring Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models of all eras, though all other classic, collector, and special interest vehicles are welcome as well. “The first M1 Cars & Coffee of the year is always a much-anticipated event with the pent-up desire to kick off the outdoor car show season for most enthusiasts,” said M1 CEO Tim McGrane. “Last year our Ford, Lincoln and Mercury themed event was one of the largest so the two combined, along with owners of other classic and collector cars, to make for a great way to kick off the M1 event year and also introduce new visitors to M1 Concourse.” The 87-acre automotive enthusiast’s paradise features a 28,000-square-foot event complex, a 1.5-mile closed track, and 255 private garages. Did we mention that the event is free and open to the public? Registration ahead of time is encouraged, which will grant attendees a QR code for easy access to the site.

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