there may be tension in the friendship between India and Russia

Germany made such a secret move, there may be tension in the friendship between India and Russia, know why Putin may get angry

Germany has started a confidential negotiation with India to buy artillery shells. These cannon balls are to be given to Ukraine. German newspaper Spiegel has made this big claim in one of its reports. The report said that the possibility of purchasing weapons through intermediaries is also being considered. The newspaper quoted sources as saying that India has millions of cannon balls lying in its weapons warehouse. At the same time, India has still expressed reluctance about giving cannon balls to Germany. The biggest reason for this is that the friendship between India and Russia is decades old and even today about 65 percent of India’s weapons are of Russian origin.

This is the reason why Germany wants India to provide these cannon balls to Ukraine through intermediaries. Apart from India, Germany also wants to make a deal for such cannon balls with Arab countries. Many Arab countries have a large number of cannon balls. Germany wants to refill Ukraine’s empty arms warehouse with the help of India and Arab countries. Recently Germany has approved military aid worth billions of dollars. This also includes automatic cannons. Germany is also sending cannon balls to Ukraine from its stockpile.

Germany’s offer, India stuck in dilemma over Russia

Analysts say that if this development happens, it could put India in a challenging situation. Even after the Ukraine war, relations between India and Russia have continuously reached new heights. Trade between India and Russia has broken all records. Not only this, Russia has sold oil worth billions of dollars to India. Arms deals and supplies have also taken place between India and Russia. India has taken S 400 from Russia. It is believed that due to America’s military help getting stuck in Parliament, European countries are now having to appeal to India and Arab countries.

The Ukrainian army recently suffered a crushing defeat and had to retreat from the city of Avdiivka. Russia had covered every corner of this city with cannon balls. German media reports said that at an informal meeting in the German city of Berlin, European diplomats and officials discussed a proposal to acquire ammunition for Ukraine, with India’s stockpile mentioned as a possible solution. to be done. However, the Indian government is now facing a dilemma on this demand of Germany because it wants to maintain the strong relationship with Russia that has been going on for decades.

Germany wants cannon balls from India through this route

In the same meeting, a suggestion was made that Germany should obtain ammunition from India through middlemen. India, while historically maintaining a neutral stance, is facing pressure from Western countries. At the same time, India continues to give priority to its historical relations with Russia. Despite economic sanctions on Russia, India remains a significant buyer of Russian oil at concessional prices. Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar had recently highlighted the importance of India’s relations with Russia during his visit to Germany.

Jaishankar stressed that while Europe is turning to the Middle East for energy purchases, India cannot treat Russia in the same manner. Jaishankar said that every country’s relationship is based on past experiences and Russia has never harmed India’s interests. Unlike other countries, India’s relations with Russia have always been stable and reliable. Jaishankar had also strongly reprimanded Pakistan for giving arms. Let us tell you that due to the stance of the US Congress, Ukraine may have to face a terrible shortage of weapons within a few weeks.


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