France included the right to abortion

France included the right to abortion in the constitution

France included the right to abortion in the constitution, became the first country to guarantee it.

rance abortion right France on Friday included the right to abortion in the constitution. This is a powerful message of support for women’s rights on International Women’s Day. Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti used a 19th-century printing press to seal the amendment to the French Constitution in a special ceremony.

Abortion rights guaranteed in France

France becomes the first country to explicitly guarantee abortion rights in its national charter. Earlier this week, French lawmakers approved it by an overwhelming vote. It is legal throughout almost all of Europe and is heavily supported in France, where it is seen as a question of public health rather than politics.

Many far right MPs also got support

At the same time, abortion is a deeply divisive issue in America. French legislators approved the constitutional amendment on Monday by a 780-72 vote, which was supported by many far-right lawmakers. It is being appreciated by people supporting women’s rights all over the world.
President Emmanuel Macron said it is necessary

French President Emmanuel Macron called it a direct result of the US Supreme Court’s decision to repeal long-pending abortion rights in 2022. Macron’s government said the abortion amendment was vital to avoid a US-like situation for women in France, as far-right groups gain a foothold and try to reverse the direction of freedom in Europe.


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