Foreign Ministry said - Saved many Indians from Russia-Ukraine war: Russian Army relieved, they were taken by deception; one died

Foreign Ministry said – Saved many Indians from Russia-Ukraine war: Russian Army relieved, they were taken by deception; one died

The Ministry of External Affairs said on Monday that many Indians recruited in the Russian Army have been rescued. The army has released them. This statement of the ministry has come after the death of an Indian sent to Ukraine to fight the war.

The Ministry of External Affairs said- For some days, news was coming that many Indians recruited in the Russian Army are demanding to come back. We raised this matter with the Russian government. After this many Indians have been discharged from the Russian Army. The safety of Indians is our priority.

On February 23, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal had said – Some Indians had signed contracts for helper jobs in the Russian Army. Later he was sent to fight the war. The Indian Embassy is in touch with Russian authorities regarding this matter. We are trying to save them. In the meantime, we appeal to all Indians to remain cautious and stay away from war.

The killed Indian was from Gujarat
Hemil Ashvinbhai Mangukiya, resident of Surat, Gujarat, died in Ukraine. Hamill was made to join a Russian company. Later the company sent him to fight the war. Hamill was tricked into joining Wagner’s army. A few hours before he died, Hamill talked to his family for about 2 hours.

According to the report of Times of India, his family member Atul Mangukiya said – On February 23, Hamill’s father had received a call. He had received information about his son’s death. We did not believe it so we got the inquiry done. On February 25, it was confirmed that Hamill had been killed in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Went to Russia for helper job.
Atul Mangukiya said- Hamill had left for Russia from Chennai on 14 December. He had received information about the job of a helper in the Russian Army through social media. At the behest of the agents of the Russian company, he went to Russia. Last month, a salary of Rs 2.3 lakh was credited to his account.

Hamill said- I am fine
Atul told- Hamil used to call his family members every day. Even before his death, he had talked to his family members for about 2 hours. Said- I am fine. He died a few hours after placing the call.

Hamill’s family has demanded the Indian government to contact the Russian government and get complete information about Hamill’s death. Police say that Hamill had gone to Russia on a normal visa. There is no information as to how he started working there. Actually, work visa is issued to people working in other countries.

Fake army job racket was exposed 4 days ago
The Times of India report published on February 22 had exposed the fake army job racket that was preying on Indians. According to the report, agents of Russian companies are sending Indians to Russia by promising them helper jobs with salaries worth lakhs. After reaching Russia, Indians are being recruited into the Wagner Group, called Russia’s private army, and are being sent to the battlefield.

Report- 60 Indians were also duped
The report said that Indians were being taken to Russia on visitor visas. According to this, 60 other Indians were also included in Wagner’s Army by tricking them. A person from Maharashtra had made these people sign a contract written in Russian language. They were told that this was for the job of a helper.


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