Biden said - There is a possibility of ceasefire between Israel and Hamas by March 4

Biden said – There is a possibility of ceasefire between Israel and Hamas by March 4: Claim – War can stop for 6 weeks, many conditions were agreed upon

US President Joe Biden has said that there can be a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas by March 4 i.e. next Monday. Biden, who reached an ice cream shop for NBC channel’s show in New York City, said – I have been told by the NSA of the country that we are very close to the ceasefire.

According to American media CNN, some conditions related to the ceasefire agreement have been agreed between Israel and Hamas. After which the possibility of a ceasefire between the two sides and the release of Israeli hostages has increased. In fact, on February 23, a meeting took place in France between officials of America, Egypt, Israel, and Qatar.

Hamas will release Israeli women and children in the first phase
According to CNN, a diplomatic source with knowledge of the meeting has said that the first phase of the ceasefire could last for 6 weeks. During this time, Israeli women, children and elderly people held captive by Hamas will be released. Israel will also free Palestinian prisoners.

Speaking to CNN, an American official said- Hamas was demanding the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza and end of the war. This was a major hurdle in the ceasefire, which has been resolved at present.

Israel attacks in Rafah while Hamas wants to end the war
However, talks may again get stuck on the issue of release of Israeli soldiers and ending the war. Israeli leaders have made it clear that they want to start military operations in Rafah. At the same time, Hamas has said that it wants to talk about the issue of ending the war in the second phase.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Milner said- We hope that an agreement will be reached between the two sides soon. If Hamas really cares about Palestinians then they will have to accept the conditions.

Speaking to CBS News, Israeli PM Netanyahu had said that we are planning to send Israeli troops to Rafah. However, the US had warned against putting the lives of 1.5 million Palestinians in danger without a plan.

Netanyahu said – will attack Rafa even if there is no agreement on the release of hostages
Netanyahu said- Even if there is no agreement with Hamas for the freedom of the hostages, we will still send the army there. Our aim is to achieve complete victory. We cannot abandon Hamas’s last stronghold just like that.

The war between Israel and Hamas started on 7 October. According to Al Jazeera, about 29 thousand 800 people of Gaza have died in this so far. There are 70 thousand injured. 1139 people have been killed in the Hamas attack in Israel.

Israel’s Operation ‘Swords of Iron’ against ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’
Hamas attacked Israel on 7 October. He named his operation against Israel ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’. In response, the Israeli army started ‘Swords of Iron’ operation against Hamas. Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif had said – This attack is revenge for Israel’s desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Actually, Israeli police had thrown grenades at Al-Aqsa Mosque in April 2023.

At the same time, Hamas spokesperson Ghazi Hamad told Al Jazeera – This action is our answer to those Arab countries which are growing closer to Israel. In recent days, media reports had claimed that Saudi Arabia may recognize Israel as a country on America’s initiative.


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