Blast In China

Fire breaks out after explosion in building near Beijing

Blast In China: Fire breaks out after explosion in building near Beijing, 2 dead; 26 injured

Blast In China: A suspicious gas explosion occurred in a city in Hebei province of northern China. Many buildings were also damaged during this incident. The news of death of 2 people has also come to light in this accident and about 26 people are injured.

State broadcaster CCTV said the explosion occurred at a ground-floor restaurant in an old residential area. He said that the injured have been taken to the hospital. Where his treatment continues.

Smoke and fire spread on the streets

The explosion occurred around 7:55 a.m. (2355 GMT) in a residential area of Jiaozhanggezhuang village in Sanhe city, less than 50 kilometers from the capital Beijing, according to CCTV.

Online footage broadcast by state media showed a huge explosion, sending a plume of smoke and fire across the street.

Another video on social media showed a building completely collapsed and several cars burnt.

State media said rescue workers had reached the scene, while the local Langfang fire department said 36 emergency vehicles and 154 personnel had been dispatched to the scene.

Major fire in building

A trader working in a nearby shop told state-run Jimu News that she was in her shop when she heard the explosion. She ran out of her shop and saw that a building was on fire, and the entire building was almost destroyed.

There have been several fatal accidents in China in recent months, often caused by official negligence. President Xi Jinping has expressed concern about these incidents and called for greater efforts to stop them.

In January this year, dozens of people died in a fire at a store in the central city of Xinyu, which state news agency Xinhua reported was caused by “illegal” use of fire by workers in the store’s basement.


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