Saudi China Relation

China and Saudi friendship is deepening

Friendship between China and Saudi is deepening, new air route opening between the two countries before Eid

Saudi China Relation: Saudi Arabia and China are continuously coming closer to each other. Saudi’s Vision 2030 also includes increasing connectivity with the world and promoting tourism in its country. Now both the countries are building a new air route, under this route trade, tourism and cultural activities between China and Saudi will be promoted.

To deepen the relations between the two countries, a new air route is being started from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to Shanghai in China. This route has been developed jointly by Saudi Air Connectivity Program and China Eastern Airlines. According to Saudi media, this partnership between the two will directly connect Pudong Airport and King Khalid Airport.

This route is starting from April 8 with the flight of A330-200 plane. Through this, 35,880 people can be transported from here to there annually. This initiative is being seen as another step towards the increasing closeness between Saudi and China. Apart from this, the new route also gives the message that interest in traveling between the two countries has increased.

Apart from this, this deal reflects Saudi Arabia’s efforts to deepen bilateral relations with China, promote cultural understanding and open new development opportunities. With its excellent diplomacy, Saudi Arabia has become a country which has simultaneously strengthened its relations with both the opposing countries, China and America.

Tourism and business will get a boost

This new route will help in establishing dialogue between the two countries in trade, tourism and different areas. Speaking to the media on this deal, ACP (Saudi Air Connectivity Program) CEO Majid Khan said, “The launch of this new route with one of the world’s largest airlines is another step towards increasing connectivity between Saudi Arabia and China. This is a major market for us.” He further said, we are working closely with China Eastern Airlines to explore opportunities and attractions for tourists and businesses of both the countries.

Growing relations between the two countries

Both countries are already expecting the Air Silk Route to promote trade and tourism with each other. In September, ACP and Hainan Airlines signed an agreement to launch two new air routes connecting China and Saudi Arabia. A statement issued at the time said the partnership was aimed at meeting the growing demand for flight options and deepening bilateral ties between the countries as well as increasing tourism, trade and cultural exchanges.

Saudi tourism growing under Vision 2030

Saudi’s Vision 2030 also includes increasing connectivity with the world and promoting tourism in its country. Saudi Arabia has achieved its target of hosting 27 million foreign tourists in 2023, seven years ahead of schedule. As a result, the Kingdom has made a new policy to invite 70 million foreign tourists to its country by 2030.


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