Earphone Side Effects

Earphone Side Effects

From listening to songs to watching movies, videos, talking or attending office meetings, the use of earphones is very common and it is also necessary. This does not disturb the people around you, but if you keep your ears decorated with earphones all the time, then many types of side effects can be seen from it.

May be deaf

The vibration caused by listening to loud songs or watching videos through earphones puts pressure on the nerves of the ears. Due to which these veins can swell. Gradually, the ability to hear starts decreasing and due to not paying attention to it in time, the person may also become deaf.

Symptoms of deafness

 Whistling sound heard in the ears.
 hearing loss
 Dizziness, insomnia, headache as well as ear pain
 Irritability, anxiety and increased blood pressure

Other dangers of excessive use of earphones

  1. Ear infection

Wearing earphones continuously leads to accumulation of dirt in the ears. Which can cause ear infection. However, the risk of this infection can also increase by using someone else’s earphones.

  1. Headache

Electromagnetic waves emanating from headphones or earphones also have a bad effect on the brain. Due to which the person may become a victim of headache and sometimes even migraine. Its other side effects also include lack of sleep.

  1. Risk of heart disease

According to health experts, using earphones from morning to night affects not only your ears but also your heart. Due to this, the heart beat always remains high, which is not at all good for heart health.

  1. Unnecessary stress

Due to continuous use of headphones, problems of stress and irritability are also seen in people. If attention is not given to controlling stress in time, then physical health also starts going down due to this.

What to do to avoid loss

 Keep the volume of earphones low.
 Do not use for a long time.
 Do not give your earphones to anyone or use someone else's earphones.
 This may cause risk of infection.
 Always use good quality earphones.
 Along with ears, it is important to clean earphones from time to time.
 Avoid using earphones while sleeping.
 Do not use Bluetooth at all while charging it.

Some of the harmful effects of headphones on our ears are:

  • NIHL(Noise-Induced Hearing Loss)
  • Tinnitus.
  • Hyperacusis.
  • Hearing loss.
  • Dizziness.
  • Ear infection.
  • Excessive ear wax.
  • Pain in the ears.


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