Why is dementia happening at an early age? Know symptoms and treatment from expert

Why is dementia happening at an early age? Know symptoms and treatment from expert

Where dementia used to be associated with increasing age, now this disease is troubling people at a very young age, it is a disease due to which a person starts having trouble even doing daily tasks, let us know from the experts. Know the causes and prevention of this disease.

Dementia, also known as forgetfulness, often occurs with increasing age, but nowadays young people are also falling prey to this disease. In this disease, the patient shows symptoms like weak memory, not being able to remember anything, due to which they start facing problems in doing their daily work and they always need an attendant who can take care of them, but where This disease used to bother with increasing age. Now this disease is being seen even at a young age.

What do experts say

Neurologist Dr. Manish Kumar in Delhi says that nowadays people are becoming victims of dementia at an early age. The problem of forgetting is also being seen among the youth. Bad lifestyle is the main reason for this and some neurological reactions also cause this disease.

What are the causes of dementia at an early age?

The biggest reason for developing dementia at an early age is Alzheimer’s disease, nowadays the cases of this disease are continuously increasing, due to which the problem of dementia which used to occur at the age of 60, has now reduced to occur at the age of 50, 40 and 30. Has been.

Since this disease is related to the brain, when due to some reason the blood flow does not reach your brain then dementia occurs, it is called vascular dementia.

Any kind of defect or missing injury in the front part of the brain is called frontotemporal dementia.

Sometimes dementia can also occur at an early age due to Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, multiple sclerosis and HIV infection.

Prolonged consumption of alcohol from an early age also increases the risk of this disease.

Problems caused by dementia at an early age

Memory loss that makes it difficult to perform daily tasks

to be confused

Difficulty in doing daily tasks

difficulty socializing

the sequester

having trouble speaking

change in behavior

having trouble making any kind of decision

Preventing dementia?

Health expert Sameer Bhati says that increasing cases of dementia at an early age is indeed a matter of serious concern, our unhealthy lifestyle is largely responsible for this. If we bring small changes in our daily life, then we will be safe from its danger. Can be saved because-

Don’t smoke.

Also limit alcohol consumption.

Obesity also increases the risk of dementia, so keep your weight under control.

Take a nutritious diet, for this include fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoid outside food, especially do not eat street food, because many types of chemicals are used in them.

Do not let there be deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body, this vitamin is related to our memory.

Exercise regularly and remain physically active.

To protect yourself from heart diseases, keep getting regular checkups done.

Take care of your mental health, avoid stress.

Increase interaction with people and increase friendship.

Protect yourself from diseases like diabetes, high BP, cholesterol, otherwise do not let them increase.

To avoid depression, take advice from family and doctor.


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