WBZ ‘iconic DJ’ who had an overnight Boston radio show dies: ‘Legendary radio personality’

WBZ-AM radio legend Dick Summer, an “iconic DJ” who had an overnight radio show, has died. He was 89.

WBZ NewsRadio on Tuesday announced the passing of Summer, who was known for his “Nightlight” show and much more.

“We have some sad news to report from the WBZ NewsRadio newsroom,” the radio station posted. “Dick Summer, an iconic DJ who spun the hits overnights on WBZ-AM in the 1960’s and 70’s, has died.”

⁠Summer worked at many stations before coming to the Hub, including in Indianapolis where one night he got WBZ’s signal all the way from Boston — and he heard a former colleague’s voice on the airwaves.

That inspired Summer to apply to WBZ, according to his bio page for the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

“So Dick sent an audition tape to the WBZ Program Director, Al Heacock who promptly ignored it,” Summer’s bio reads. “So Dick sent another tape, with the same result. This went on for almost a year, until finally one day Dick got the gig.

“Of course out of concern for blowing their highly prestigious reputation, WBZ hid Dick away as best they could on the all night show,” his bio continues. “But Dick didn’t care. He loved it. He was having so much fun.”

Summer is remembered for reciting poetry during his overnight show.

“His overnight show, ‘Nightlight,’ was also known for its humor, along with listeners calling in to give him the ‘password’ of ‘one hen, two ducks, and three squawking geese,’ ” WBZ NewsRadio posted.

The show also had a serious side to it, according to the Music Museum of New England. Summer had a segment calling out people who looked away when they saw a crime being committed, titled “Nightlighters Against Gutlessness.”

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