US President Election News

US President Election News: Donald Trump angry at US President!

US President Election News: Donald Trump angry at US President! Said- Joe Biden is angry and mentally shaken

US President Election News: Presidential elections are going to be held in America this year. A war of words has started between Biden and Trump regarding this. Something similar has been seen once again.

Donald Trump: Former US President Donald Trump on Friday (March 9) attacked President Joe Biden and his ‘State of the Union’ speech. Trump said that the American President is angry and mentally disturbed. He is suffering from a terminal case of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’. The former President often uses ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, which is a sarcastic term, for Biden. He again used this word for Biden.

Donald Trump is currently the frontrunner for the Republican Party’s presidential bid. Trump targeted Biden over his ‘State of the Union’ speech. In his last ‘State of the Union’ speech, Joe Biden criticized Trump on many issues. This includes issues like describing Russian President Vladimir Putin as ‘good’, immigration, the attack on Parliament on January 6, abortion and gun control laws.

Impeachment will cure Biden

In an interview with Fox News, Trump said that Biden is suffering from a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which can only be treated through impeachment. Responding to Biden’s speech, Trump said, ‘He was angry. He was mentally disturbed and misrepresented many facts related to the topic he discussed. But he is still breathing and there was no need to hold him and bring him out of there.

Biden targeted Trump

US President Biden, in his hour-long speech, said that the person before him (Trump) has failed in performing the most common duty of the President, which is to serve the people. He also criticized Trump for bowing before Russian President Putin.

Biden said, ‘Now my predecessor, who is a former Republican president, tells Putin – do whatever you feel like. A former President has said these things and has bowed before the Russian President. This is very scary. This is very dangerous and completely unacceptable.


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