US Election: Nikki Haley created history by defeating Trump

US Election: Nikki Haley created history by defeating Trump, became the first woman to win the Republican primary election.

US Presidential Election 2024. Presidential elections are going to be held in America in November this year. There is a contest between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump from the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley has defeated former President Donald Trump in the Republican primary held in the District of Columbia. Nikki got 62.9 percent votes while Trump got only 33.2 percent votes. She is working hard to defeat Donald Trump in the presidential race.

Nikki Haley has become the first woman in American history to win a Republican primary election. However, Trump’s claim in the presidential race is very strong.

America cannot tolerate Trump or Biden again: Nikki Haley

Even though Donald Trump has unilaterally defeated Nikki Haley in the primary elections, Nikki Haley is continuously challenging Trump.

Nikki Haley had said a few days ago, “Donald Trump cannot defeat the current President Joe Biden. In such a situation, I will not step back from the race. Because of my being in this race, people will have better options. America Donald Trump again “Or can’t stand Joe Biden.”

Will not contest elections as an independent leader

Nikki Haley has brushed aside talks of contesting elections as an independent leader. He said, “I have never talked about running as an independent candidate. I am a Republican leader at heart.”

Addressing supporters in Washington DC, Nikki Haley said, “When I ran for president, there were 14 contestants and I beat 12. Now I just have to beat one more.”


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