US Election 2024: Trump wins in 11 states in Super Tuesday Primary Election

US Election 2024: Trump wins in 11 states in Super Tuesday Primary Election

US Election 2024: Trump wins 11 states in Super Tuesday Primary Election, will face Joe Biden in November.

Washington. Presidential candidate election is going on in America. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump swept statewide nominating contests across the country on Tuesday, setting up a historic showdown for the November general election despite both candidates’ low popularity ratings.

Former US President Donald Trump is projected to win Republican primary contests in at least 11 Super Tuesday states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, CNN reports. and Virginia.

Nikki Haley is moving forward

Donald Trump will win the Massachusetts Republican primary while his rival, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, is leading in Vermont.

About 40 delegates were at stake in Massachusetts on Tuesday. So far 81 percent of the votes have been counted in Vermont. According to CNN estimates, Haley has received 49.3 percent votes so far while Trump has received 46.8 percent votes.

With voting closing in some US states on Super Tuesday, results continue to emerge. More than a third of the total delegates are at stake in the Republican and Democratic primaries in contests taking place in more than 12 states. Polls have closed in North Carolina, Vermont and Virginia.

74 delegates in the fray in North Carolina

CNN projects that Trump will win the North Carolina and Colorado Republican presidential primaries and take another step toward becoming the party’s presidential nominee for the third consecutive election. North Carolina had 74 delegates at stake Tuesday, while Colorado had 37 delegates at stake.

According to CNN, Trump is also projected to win Alabama’s Republican primary. She won against Nikki Haley.

CNN has predicted that former US President Donald Trump will win the Republican primary in Virginia. 48 delegates are at stake in this primary. In 2016, Trump and Hillary Clinton won their respective contests in the Virginia primary.

Trump performed brilliantly

Trump’s stellar performance on Super Tuesday, with more than a third of Republican delegates in 15 states, clinched his third consecutive presidential nomination, although he will have to wait at least another week or two to eliminate Haley. .

Polls remained open in several states, with the day set to end at midnight EST (0500 GMT on Wednesday) in Alaska.

Incumbent Biden was expected to advance through the Democratic contests, although activists opposed to his strong support of Israel urged Muslim Americans and progressives to cast “uncommitted” protest votes in Minnesota as they did. Did it first in Michigan.

Edison exit polls in California, North Carolina and Virginia showed that immigration and the economy are top concerns for voters of both parties.

Majorities of Republican voters in those states said they support deporting illegal immigrants. Trump, who often vilifies immigrants, has promised to launch the largest deportation effort in US history if elected.

Use of the word Super Tuesday

There is a term used in the election process here – Super Tuesday. In which voting took place in a total of 15 states today. After which its results have started coming.

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump from the Republican Party has won 11 states. On the other hand, Joe Biden from the Democratic Party has won in 14 states.

What is Super Tuesday?

Presidential elections are going to be held in America in November this year. Before this, both the main parties Democratic and Republican are choosing their candidates and voting is taking place in different states.

If seen, Super Tuesday has no constitutional meaning. But if we talk about the meaning of this word, then on this day primary voting is conducted simultaneously in many states. After conducting this election, it can be estimated who from which party will be the presidential candidate of the party in the elections to be held in November.

Trump’s victory in presidential bid almost certain

On Super Tuesday, i.e. on March 5, Republican primary elections were held simultaneously in 15 states of America. States that went to the polls Tuesday include California, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Utah, Minnesota, Colorado, Maine and Vermont.

To win the presidential bid in America, the support of 1,215 delegates is required. Even before the results of Super Tuesday, Trump had the support of 244 delegates. Now, if Trump makes a clean sweep in 15 states, then Trump will definitely come closer to winning the presidential bid.


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