Trump Leads Biden Nationally in 5-Way Race

Former President Donald Trump has the edge on President Joe Biden nationally in a five-way race for the presidency, according to a pair of polls.

A J.L Partners/Daily Mail poll published Thursday found Trump leading the pack with 43 percent of support in a crowded field, followed by Biden at 39 percent.

Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. comes in third with seven percent support, while two percent back independent Cornel West and one percent support the Green Party’s Jill Stein. The share of undecided voters is eight percent, down significantly from a December J.L.Partners/Daily Mail poll.

Since December, each candidate has gained support. Biden and Trump each jumped three points, leaving the four-point margin between them unchanged. Kennedy also enjoyed a three-point bump, and Stein and West climbed one point. Nineteen percent of respondents were undecided at that time.

Much has happened since the December poll. Biden and Trump have become their parties’ respective presumptive nominees. Biden also delivered a highly partisan State of the Union address that J.L. Partners co-founder James Johnson told the Mail did not resonate with voters.

“Though he has a more favorable view among those who were already voting for him, few have changed their minds since our last poll and Trump remains on course to win the popular vote,” he said.

The poll sampled 1,000 likely voters from March 20-24, and the margin of error (MOE) is ± 3.1 percentage points.

A second poll released Wednesday from Harris X and Forbes also showed Trump in front in a five-way contest, as well as in a head-to-head race with Biden, though they tie in that format when undecided leaners are accounted for.

Trump has a three-point lead over Biden in the crowd before learners are pushed to decide who they support. He registers at 40 percent of support to Biden’s 37 percent, while Kennedy comes in third place with 12 percent. Stein and West notch one point each, while eight percent are undecided. The advantage falls just within the poll’s ± 3.1 percent MOE.

Trump rises to 42 percent with leaners in the mix, while Biden gains one point on his deficit and climbs to 40 percent. Kennedy jumps to 14 percent, while Stein and West register at two percent.

When third-party candidates are removed from the field, Trump leads Biden 46 percent to 43 percent. In this scenario, eleven percent are undecided.

However, when pressed to pick a candidate, these undecided voters broke for Biden over Trump 61 percent to 39 percent. When those results were added to the full sample, Biden and Trump tied at 50 percent apiece.

The 45th president earns 90 percent of the Republican vote, while Biden gleans/ 86 percent of the Democrats with leaners accounted for. They are neck-and-neck with independents, with Biden at 51 percent and Trump at 49 percent.

The HarrisX/Forbes poll sampled 1,010 registered voters on March 25. The MOE is ± 3.1 percentage points.

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