The best upholstery cleaners of 2024 can tackle all your toughest stains

The best upholstery cleaners of 2024 can tackle all your toughest stains

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Is your furniture looking a little worse for the wear these days? Kids spill food, and drinks and pets inevitably make messes. And there’s always going to be regular dirt, dust, and other debris from the rest of the family floating around. It’s time to revitalize your couch, your cushions, and the rest of your home now that spring has arrived with the best upholstery cleaners of 2024.

You can add your new upholstery cleaner to your home refresh hall of fame — next to your stick vacuum, your electric scrubber, your robot vacuum (or mop!) and all those cleaning supplies. With one of these bad boys, you’ll be ready to tackle just about any mess, whether it’s wine on white fabric or a baby blowout in a recliner. To help you make a buying decision when it comes to which dirt and grime-busting cleaning appliance is right for you, we’ve compiled five of the best options below.

The best upholstery cleaners for 2024

Dirt Devil Portable Spot compact carpet cleaner: $66

Dirt Devil Portable Spot compact carpet cleaner


This affordable cleaner is one of the best on the market, and it’s deceptively simple to set up. It can cut through food stains, set-in grime, pet messes, and much more, no matter where.

It’s a small unit that’s easily ported from place to place at just 11 pounds, and comes with a 19-ounce tank that you can refill quickly when you’re dealing with larger messes. It’s smaller than many of its other, more expensive brethren, but you won’t need that much solution when mixing. It’s the perfect amount for the kind of soiled upholstery most users will be dealing with.

It’s relatively quiet, comes with several tools to use for smaller nooks and crannies, and when you’re done with it, you can put it in a small cabinet or tuck it away under a shelf. 

It’s small but mighty, and it’s perfect for those who live alone or have small families. Most importantly, it’s powerful, and it’ll handle whatever you need it to for less.  

Bissell Little Green Machine upholstery cleaner: $98

Bissell Little Green Machine upholstery cleaner


This TikTok-famous carpet cleaner is attractively shaped and a pleasant green — that’s where it gets its name from, after all. And it’s an impressive cleaner that can power through some of the most stubborn stains around. Wine, chocolate, pasta sauce, you name it — the Bissell Little Green Machine can handle it all.

This small but mighty cleaner is great for handling any type of fabric, even your car interior. It’s portable and lightweight, and comes with a specialty hose tool and crevice tool to help you reach those more difficult places. It also has a large 48-ounce tank so you don’t have to refill as often.

You can tote this cleaner around to anywhere in your home without breaking a sweat, and use it on carpet, rugs, stairs and more. All you need to do to attack difficult or old grime and dirt is use the tough stain tool or go over things with multiple passes. This little devil will be finished with the task before you know it.  

Hoover CleanSlate XL deep-cleaning spot carpet cleaner: $178

Hoover CleanSlate XL Deep Cleaning spot carpet cleaner:


Love your pets, but not their messes? You’re not alone. That’s why Hoover’s CleanSlate XL machine exists. It boasts a massive 96-ounce tank this isn’t afraid to let you unleash (pun intended) on all the stains left behind by eager pups and cats who either knock their food into the floor or have accidents.

This machine is simple to set up and performs like a workhorse. It also has several different types of tools to tackle different messes, like brushes for chunkier stains and pet hair, with smaller tools to clean crevices and less noticeable stains. 

You can’t roll it around — there are no wheels — but this cleaner is light enough to pick up and move from place to place. It’s a little loud too, but these minuses pale in comparison to how annoying things can be when you have no way to clean up after animals.

This machine will give you a satisfying deep clean that’ll make you forget you even have pets.  

McCulloch Heavy-Duty steam cleaner: $150 

McCulloch Heavy-Duty steam cleaner


Sometimes, a mess is in dire need of not just cleaning, but sanitization. That’s where this heavy-duty steam cleaner comes in. It can deliver a natural, deep clean using hot steam to blast through grime, grease, dirt, stains, and much more.

It’s a massive unit with a 48-ounce water tank that can heat up in just 8 minutes to give you 45 minutes of steam-cleaning power. Scrub down tough and stubborn stain areas and switch over to this bad boy, or just approach your worst messes for a deep scrub.

You get 18 accessories as well as a 15.7-foot power cord and a nine-foot steam hose to reach all those areas that normally elude your grasp. Time to tackle all those messes with some serious panache.  

Bissell Little Green Pro carpet and upholstery cleaner: $165

Bissell Little Green Pro carpet and upholstery cleaner:


Is your new car’s upholstery in need of cleaning and you don’t feel like taking it to be detailed? DIY a deep clean with this handy little carpet and upholstery cleaner. As one of Bissell’s most powerful spot cleaner, it can tackle grease, grime, and any other suspect stains.

While you can of course use it to scrub down carpets, sofas, stairs, and other areas in your home, it really shines as a great option to clean your car. It’s good at digging up embedded dirt, so it can cut through grime in your floorboards, or your seats — even the roof if you need it to. You’ll be left with a nice, polished scent and look when done.

Use the deep stain tool and other included goodies to make your car look and ffeel brand new again, and then take this small but mighty cleaner inside to handle all the rest of your other messes. It even comes with small trial-size bottles to get you started. 

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