Staten Island University Hospital nurses’ strike averted after tentative agreement reached

The nurses’ strike set to begin on Tuesday at Staten Island University Hospital’s north campus has been averted after nurses and hospital leaders reached a tentative agreement on Saturday morning.

The tentative agreement would boost staffing on understaffed units and increase the nurses’ wages. The wage increases include annual pay increases, market adjustment pay and experience pay, and would put the nurses’ pay on par with other private-sector nurse wages in New York City.

“For too long, Staten Island University Hospital nurses have struggled to stay on our island because our pay was so much lower than what we could make for doing the same work in Brooklyn or Manhattan,” said John Vuolo, a nurse at the hospital who is also a member of the New York State Nurses Association’s bargaining committee. “Now that we’ve won pay parity, we can afford to stay here in our community where we want to be, caring for our neighbors. That’s a victory for all of Staten Island.”

The NYSNA represents 1,300 nurses at the north campus facility and originally issued the official strike notice last week. The nurses voted in favor of authorizing the strike by over 97% earlier this month. Nurses at the south campus are represented by a different union and did not plan to join the strike.

Nurses will vote on whether to ratify the three-year contract on Wednesday.

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