So Many Things Are ‘Weird’ About Trump Supporters’ Undying Loyalty

MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill said Monday on “Deadline” that there were so many weird things about the supporters and rallygoers of former President Donald Trump.

McCaskill said, “Yeah, and there are so many things that are weird about the people who have this undying loyalty to Donald Trump. There is two categories. There’s the category of the cowardly Republicans who are afraid not to be for Donald Trump publicly, even though behind his back, they think he’s a horrible person, a horrible leader, and a horrible, horrible president. Then there’s the bucket of people who really believe in this guy.”
Host Nicolle Wallace said,  “Who is in that one?”

McCaskill said, “The people at his rallies.”

Wallace said, “Supporters.”

McCaskill said, “It’s more probably than 30% of the GOP, it’s probably 25% of the country. You know, that believe that his stuff, they believe what he says. They actually think he’s a good businessman. I mean, this is one of the worst businessmen ever in the history of the planet. I don’t know ever if he’s totally ever been — you would know better than I would, but it doesn’t look like he’s ever actually been flush. It always looks like he’s been this close to debt outweighing assets for most of his life, adult life. But these folks think, ‘Oh, he’ll be a great president because he’s such a good businessman.’”

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