Petition against treatment center; Parents push back; Weekly gun violence brief

More than 900 people have signed an online petition urging the city to pause a plan to operate a drug treatment center on Girard Avenue in Fairmount.

“The lack of community engagement in this process is alarming,” wrote the petition’s author. BP’s Meir Rinde found it’s unclear whether the Fairmount facility is already being used to treat drug users from Kensington and how it fits into the larger plan to address drug use and trafficking. Continue reading…

The city is adding beds to a homeless shelter at the site of the former Philadelphia Nursing Home on Girard Avenue in Fairmount. (Google Maps)

As some states and cities like Philadelphia look to take a more aggressive approach in enforcing existing drug laws, parents who lost children to overdoses push back against criminalization.

“As long as we see people who use drugs as criminals, they’re not going to get the services and support that they need,” said  Susan Ousterman, who lost her son Tyler to an overdose death in 2020. Continue reading…

Terri Spina shares a tearful hug at the opening ceremony of the Philadelphia Overdose Memorial Garden at Thomas Paine Plaza in 2022. Spina holds a photo of her daughter, Ginamarie Vicent, who died of an overdose at the age of 31. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

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• Pa. Dems proposed legislation to allocate $5.1 billion in new funding for public schools to close an unconstitutional gap between the wealthiest and poorest districts that was declared unconstitutional. It faces opposition from Republicans in the Senate. [Capital-Star] 

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