NYPD says Bronx robbers are targeting teens in a pattern of muggings

Police said Tuesday they were looking for two men connected to multiple robbery incidents targeting teens in the Bronx precinct that is home to Yankee Stadium.

The suspects are allegedly connected to a string of muggings in and around Claremont Park, which sits about a mile north of the stadium on East 170th street.

Of the 13 separate incidents police reported from January to May, 11 appeared to target teens. Police said suspects punch and choke their victims or threaten them with knives or guns and force them to hand over cellphones and other valuables.

According to police, four suspects already in custody for the crimes are teens themselves, ranging in age from 13 to 18. Only Sincere Johnson, 18, was old enough to be named by police. They have been charged with robbery, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon, among other crimes.

NYPD officials could not immediately say whether the suspects still at large are also teens. Police said they participated in a robbery on College Avenue and East 170th Street just after midnight on April 30, where the attackers demanded in Spanish that a 44-year-old male victim hand over his money.

When the victim ran, police said the two suspects chased him, grabbed him and placed a sharp object near his ribs. They stole his wallet with $250 in it and a $40 MetroCard before fleeing towards Claremont Park, police said.

The two suspects were last seen wearing matching blue jackets with hoods, white face masks, blue jeans and white sneakers, cops said.

None of the victims in the string of robberies were seriously injured, according to police.

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