Live-in-partner first beaten, then coaxed and later killed

Live-in-partner was first beaten, then coaxed and later killed…a horrifying end to an 11-year relationship.

In England, Sarah Henshaw, a mother of two children, was brutally killed by her former partner, who then dumped her mutilated body somewhere far away. Expressing her pain, Sarah’s mother Lorraine said that of course the culprit has been sentenced to 17 years in jail. But this punishment is also very less. Sarah’s mother has called for more to be done to protect victims of domestic violence. Let us know what happened to Sarah Henshaw, in the words of her mother…

June 20, 2023… 32-year-old Sarah Henshaw, resident of Chesterfield, England, was killed by her former live-in partner. Then the body was thrown miles away near a dustbin. The case went on in the court. Then on December 15, 2023, due to the evidence, the court proved Sara’s former partner guilty and sentenced her to 17 years in jail. Now Sara’s mother, while giving an interview for the first time, has demanded more efforts for safety for the people suffering from domestic violence.

According to the Mirror, 36-year-old carpet-fitter Darren Hall murdered 31-year-old Sarah Henshaw at her home. Sarah’s 51-year-old mother Lorraine told that her daughter was very upset with Darren. She was becoming a daily victim of domestic violence. That’s why she tried several times to end all relations with Darren. One day, Sarah showed courage and ended all relations with Darren and returned back to her parents’ home. But in the meantime, Darren returned to her life again. He said that he would never bother her again. Lorraine said, “Then I also requested Darren to move away from Sara. But he also encouraged me that now he will never let Sara feel sad again. Will never let him be alone. But that did not happen.”

Lorraine said that even after this he started harassing Sara. He didn’t even let her go out of the house. Even before killing Sara, he had fatally attacked her. Before the murder, he also stalked Sara several times. I wish that there are many women like Sara who suffer from domestic violence at the hands of their partners. More efforts need to be made for the safety of such women. So that no one else gets killed like Sara.

Mother told how was Sara?

There are many women who do not register cases of domestic violence. There should be a separate support for cases of domestic violence. So that women can feel free to raise their complaints and seek help from them. Since Sara’s departure, both her daughters have become completely alone. Darren did whatever he wanted. But Sara is no more in this world. Darren may have been punished but even this punishment is not enough for him. Sara was a very intelligent daughter and also a mother. We miss him a lot.

Sara was the eldest of Lorraine’s six children. Lorraine says, my daughter Sara was of very calm nature since childhood. He was fond of swimming. He also liked playing and jumping. Besides, she also liked wearing fashionable clothes. She studied Hair and Beauty. When Sara started the job, she was soon promoted and made a supervisor.” Lorraine said, “Sarah was like pure gold. He helped me financially many times. I have health problems including COPD and arthritis and she always took me to the hospital for checkups herself. She always helped people.”

Sara-Darren were living together since 2012

Lorraine said, “Sarah introduced me to Darren in 2012. After this both started living in live-in relationship. During the same period, both of them also had a daughter. When I met Darren he impressed us. There was something about it. But we did not know that what we thought was so good would turn out to be like this in future. Later he started showing his true colors. Then I felt that Darren was not right. But I didn’t say anything to Sara then. Because she loved him very much. I didn’t want his heart to be broken and something bad to happen between them. I started noticing him after that. Then I realized that he was taking Sara away from us. I remained silent even then.”

Even after being beaten, Sara took Darren’s stand

Sara’s mother further said, “A few years later in 2018, Sara had another daughter. But when she was pregnant, Darren started harassing her a lot. He used to beat her. Once he punched Sara in the stomach. Then I took Sara to the hospital. There Sara lied to the doctors that she had fallen while shopping. I also asked Sara to tell the truth. Then Sara said that I was carrying Darren’s child in my stomach. So I have to take Darren’s stand even if I don’t want to.” He told, “Sara started living very happy with her daughters. But Darren still did not improve. Sara would take care of her daughters and go to work along with the house. Later she herself ended her relationship with Darren. She already wanted to be away from him. But for the sake of the good future of her daughters, she finally decided to separate from Darren.”

Sara was devastated by her grandfather’s death.

But in April 2022, Sara’s maternal grandfather died. Lorraine told that this devastated Sara deeply because she loved her maternal grandfather the most. Darren took advantage of this very thing. He again trapped Sara in the web of love and took December 2022 with him. But as soon as he reached there, Darren started beating him. He beat Sara so much that she came back to me. I still told Sara to file a case against Darren. But he did not listen to me. Just said that mother it is not so easy to do this. Sara then moved to another house and started living. On June 20, 2023, Darren suddenly barged into his house. Sara told him to leave from there. But he did kill Sara. No one came to know about this. The next day Sara’s friend went to meet her. Saw that Sara was not there. Then he told me. Sara was not even able to receive the call. Even the daughters did not know anything.

Darren is a devil – said Sarah’s mother

Lorraine told that then after three days we informed the police. Five days later, Sara’s badly mutilated body was found miles away in an isolated area. Where there was only garbage. The police started investigation and on the basis of CCTV they arrested Darren. When I came to know that Darren had done all this, I could not believe it. I had no idea that he had so much hatred towards Sara. There is no humanity in him at all. He is a devil.


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