Letters to the editor

Lesson for students

I have a solution to the antisemitic unrest on campuses.  Make all the students who are arrested watch the atrocities that Hamas so proudly posted of what they did on Oct. 7.

General Eisenhower and General Patton made the citizens of a town go through a death camp so they couldn’t say it was not true. Also, ask the “Squad” members if they would like to watch the outrages.  I bet not one of them will.

It’s real easy to shoot your mouth off when you don’t know what you’re talking about. They hate our country.

Ralph Holmgren

Sagamore Beach

Biden on Israel

For whatever reason President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. believes that America can dictate what Israel can or cannot do by pausing a shipment of 2,000 lb. bombs prepared for Israel. The United States has backed Israel since May 14, 1948, when Israel became a new State of Israel. The only logical reason why President Biden is doing this has got to be about playing the political middle, shame on him.

Tony Meschini


Support for Israel

President Biden boasted “Israel is our strongest ally and we will always have their back and support them.” Now, as he has done so many times he has not only flat out lied to the America people, but he has shown his true colors and lack of integrity in NOT supporting Israel in their war against Hamas. Not sending necessary military assistance totally is unacceptable, yet consistent with his dishonest and cowardly past.

Chris Byrne

Naples, FL

City Council

While reading the Boston Herald on May 2, I noticed actions taken up by the Boston City Council that I wholly disagree with. The first was a resolution passed by the city council on an 11-2 vote to declare its support for a cease-fire in Gaza. The second, approved by a 10-3 vote, would cut the required training for fire cadets in half. Supporters say it would attract more recruits and diversify the ranks, and opponents feel such a cut in training time would impact firefighting safety.

City councilors get involved in foreign policy with calls for a cease-fire in Gaza.  Guess this august body is doing such a great job locally, why shouldn’t they venture into international waters like the Israeli-Hamas War? Then of course on an issue that impacts all of us, the city councilors decide to cut the training of fire cadets in half for the sake of diversity.

No wonder why so few vote at election time. With all the growing issues out there like overdevelopment and with it, the lack of housing which is affordable for working families,  safe neighborhoods for everyone and  such, we need city councilors who actually know what their jobs entail. Instead we get smoke, mirrors and photo ops.

Sal Giarratani

East Boston

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