ceasefire in Gaza

Israel Hamas War: If hostage agreement is reached, there will be ceasefire in Gaza in Ramadan, US President Biden claimed

US President Joe Biden said that Israel will be ready to stop fighting against Hamas in Gaza during the upcoming Ramadan if an agreement is reached to release some hostages held by terrorists.

The US President said on Monday that he hoped the ceasefire agreement could come into force by next week. Israel has not responded to Biden’s comments, while Hamas official Ahmed Abdel-Hadi indicated it was too early to say anything about the agreement.

We are not going to give up any of our demands – Abdel

He said, we are not going to give up any of our demands. There is no agreement yet. Talks regarding the agreement are also going on in Qatar on Tuesday. Qatar, Egypt and America are playing the role of mediators in the talks. A senior Egyptian official has said the draft ceasefire agreement includes the release of 40 hostages in exchange for 300 Palestinian prisoners – mostly women, minors and elderly people.

Will be allowed to bring necessary help

One official said the proposal is to allow hundreds of trucks to bring desperately needed aid into Gaza every day for the duration of the six-week ceasefire. During this period, negotiations will continue on the release of the remaining hostages. Ramadan is starting from next month. Earlier in late November, about 100 hostages, mostly women, children and foreign nationals, were released in exchange for about 240 Palestinians.

Israel destroys weapons factory in Gaza City district

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces said on Tuesday that Israeli troops had destroyed a weapons factory and a rocket launcher in a Gaza City district. The army also killed several terrorists inside a tunnel.

Hezbollah fired rockets at Israeli observation base

According to Reuters, Iran-backed armed organization Hezbollah fired rockets at an Israeli air surveillance base on Tuesday. Israel also retaliated by attacking Hezbollah military bases with fighter planes. The Israeli military confirmed that about 35 rockets from Lebanon appeared to hit a military air control unit in Mount Meron in northern Israel.

Two Hezbollah fighters were killed in the attack

According to the report of Xinhua news agency, there is no report of any death or injury. Israel also carried out air strikes in Lebanon on Monday. Two Hezbollah fighters were killed in this attack. Israel carried out this attack when one of its attack drones was shot down by Hezbollah fighters. UN peacekeepers have urged all sides to end the conflict.
OCHA accused of detaining medical assistant

Meanwhile, the UN humanitarian office (OCHA) said on Tuesday that Israeli forces detained a medical assistant after intercepting a medical evacuation convoy in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza on Sunday. The Israeli army said that the matter is being investigated.


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