India China Relations

India China Relations: China said, India is very important for it, both countries are working for common goals

China and India are holding constructive talks to resolve the deadlock in eastern Ladakh and find a solution acceptable to both sides. India is very important for China and it wants to maintain peace on the borders of both the countries. The Chinese Army has said this by organizing a press conference.

There has been a standoff between the armies of India and China in eastern Ladakh for almost four years. This situation has arisen due to the advance of the Chinese army during the Corona period. After talks between military officers and diplomats of the two countries, the Chinese army has retreated in some areas but is still moving forward in some areas.

Holding constructive talks with a positive attitude – China

Talks are going on between the two countries to restore the previous situation in these areas. Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang, spokesman for China’s Defense Ministry, said the two sides are taking a positive stance on resolving border issues and are holding constructive talks in the same spirit.
Expectations of both sides should be taken into account in the talks

The expectations of both sides are being taken into consideration in the talks and an acceptable solution is expected to be reached in the near future. It may be noted that the 21st round of talks was held on February 19 between the senior officers of the armies of the two countries.
Great importance of relations with Indian Army for China

The spokesperson said China attaches great importance to relations with the Indian Army and believes that both countries are working towards common goals. Increase in mutual trust is necessary to achieve goals. The differences between the two countries should be resolved and peace and stability should be maintained in the border areas.


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