Illegal Alien Accused of Fentanyl Trafficking Also Wanted for Murder

An illegal alien accused of trafficking fentanyl in the sanctuary state of Massachusetts is also wanted for murder in his native Dominican Republic.

The 27-year-old illegal alien crossed the United States-Mexico border on an unknown date as a “got-away,” the term used for those who successfully cross the nation’s borders without being detected or deterred by Border Patrol.

Since President Joe Biden took office, nearly two million known got-aways have crossed the border.

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Randy Clark / Breitbart

In November 2021, the illegal alien became wanted in the city of Bani, Dominican Republic, on homicide charges. The following month, he was charged with trafficking fentanyl in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

“This unlawfully present Dominican national fled his home country to avoid a murder trial,” Immigration and Customs Enforsement (ICE) official Todd Lyons said. “He made his way to Massachusetts and has been repeatedly apprehended by local authorities and charged with crimes of violence and drug crimes. ”

Also in December 2021, the illegal alien was charged with strangling and suffocating a family member in his household in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. The charges were later dismissed.

On March 21, ICE agents arrested the illegal alien in Saugus, Massachusetts. He remains in ICE custody pending deportation to the Dominican Republic.

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