Get a 4-pack of Apple AirTags for one of the best prices we’ve seen


Wondering where you put your car keys? Can’t find your wallet? You might want to buy a set of Apple AirTags. These Tile-like smart trackers (think lost luggage) are the best on the market, and especially if you have an iPhone, you should grab a few today.

It’s not often that these super handy devices go on sale. And when they do, you can count on them to sell out quickly. Right now, both Amazon and Walmart have a four-pack of the devices on sale for just $79. If you haven’t yet stocked up, now’s a great time to do it. (Full disclosure: Some users have raised privacy concerns about this product. Here’s all you need to know.)

You’ll never be too far away from your missing stuff thanks to AirTag technology. They transmit a Bluetooth signal that can be anonymously detected by nearby devices to help you track things down via your phone. And if you don’t have your phone, you (and only you) can locate these trackers on an Apple “Find My” map. If you do have your phone in hand, it can lead you straight to your missing item. It’s super fast and simple. Most importantly, it’s reliable. 

Now is a great time to buy Apple AirTags at a low price before Memorial Day travel. Use them to keep track of your luggage and easily find your belongings during one of the busiest travel times of the year.

You’ll get the best per-AirTag price when you buy a four-pack. But if you only need one, single Apple AirTags are available at both Amazon and Walmart as well. 

Apple AirTags (4-Pack): $79 ($21 off)



The Apple AirTag is still the best smart tracker you can get. Specifically designed for Apple users, this compact tracker syncs with devices like your iPhone, iPad and MacBook for quick, hassle-free setup. And despite its small size, it boasts impressive tracking capabilities.

Equipped with the U1 ultra-wideband chip, the AirTag can accurately locate all your lost items with Apple’s Find My network. Even when an item is turned off, like your iPhone, Find My can track it down. That same network can help find your lost keys or even your pet if you attach an AirTag to its collar. 

You don’t need to routinely recharge AirTags either, as each unit’s battery lasts up to a year per tracker. When the battery dies, just replace the CR2032 battery. Also, you’ll receive notifications if you accidentally leave behind an AirTagged item or if your phone detects an unknown AirTag accompanying you, so you can take action if necessary. 

The only limitation of the AirTag is its exclusive compatibility with Apple devices. If you use an Android device, you must rely on a different tracker. However, for iPhone users, you should definitely snag a few AirTags in your most-used belongings. There’s no real reason not to at this price. 

Right now, you can get the four-pack of Apple AirTags for just $79 at Amazon and Walmart, which is $20 off their usual price of $99. 

You can also get just one AirTag for just $24 at Walmart and slightly more on Amazon.

Are AirTags safe for privacy?

Apple’s AirTags have raised concerns from some customers who say the devices are vulnerable to misuse by bad actors. Here are all the details you need to know before buying.

Because of the way AirTags leverage the “Find My” app on your iPhone, they effectively make every iPhone and iPad across the globe part of a massive network. What makes them accurate — so that you can pinpoint the location of your lost items — can also make them tools for stalkers and a potential privacy issue. Given their small size, it’s simple for someone to, say, drop an AirTag in someone’s purse and watch every move they make. Or they could hide an AirTag in a car and keep tabs on someone’s car.

This makes Apple’s trackers stand out from those from Tile or Chipolo products, which don’t continually broadcast their location. But those brands also are less accurate than AirTags – and their range of efficacy is nowhere near as large. 

While there are privacy-centric precautions in place, such as an alert that automatically notifies you if an AirTag that is not paired to one of your devices is found around you, it’s not foolproof. There are ways to get around some of the safeguards from Apple itself if you really want to — part of which has led to a class action lawsuit against the tech giant. Filed in 2023, it claims plaintiffs ended up suffering “substantial” injuries from abusers who used AirTags in ways Apple failed to safeguard against. A judge recently dismissed Apple’s request to quash the suit, so it’s ongoing.

In the end, buying and using AirTags is a decision you’ll have to weigh for yourself. If you feel safe and comfortable using them with Apple’s many security protections in place, they can make excellent trackers. 

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