Chelsea woman dies after car knocks over street sign, hits her

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Jean Baptiste, 36, was standing outside of the car next to the sign at the time of the incident, State Police said.

A Chelsea woman, who was teaching her friend to drive, died Friday after a street sign fell on her when the car her friend was driving backed into it, officials said.

The woman, identified as 36-year-old Jean Baptiste, died on Friday evening while reportedly giving her two friends a driving lesson, Chelsea police said

At about 7:10 p.m. Friday, with the car stopped in the area of 240 Second St., Baptiste got out of the vehicle and stood on the sidewalk, officials said. The driver then pulled forward and to the left, then put the car in reverse, according to preliminary investigation. 

“With the car in reverse it accelerated suddenly backward, jumped the curb, and hit a metal pole holding a ‘no parking’ sign,” State Police spokesperson David Procopio said. Baptiste was standing next to the sign. 

“The force of the car striking the signpost caused the sign to come down violently and strike [Baptiste] in the head,” Procopio said.

A 44-year old man was driving the car and a 39-year old man was the other passenger, Procopio said. 

The car itself did not hit Baptiste, according to police. She was determined to be deceased at the scene. 

The men in the car were interviewed by officials and the vehicle is in police custody for further examination. No charges had been filed as of Sunday, according to Procopio. 

State Police and Chelsea police are continuing to investigate the incident. 

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