Bouquet of our Struggle

“Bouquet of our Struggle”
By Jenin Yaseen (sr7aneh)

This piece consists of figures like Razan Al-Najjar, a paramedic that was murdered in Gaza during the Right of Return March, my great grandmother who dedicated her life towards tending our land in Palestine, and a resistance fighter. Flowers are not only beautiful but they’re symbolic, and can add so much meaning into art. The flowers in this piece symbolize the different roles we play in the Palestinian struggle.

Pink roses symbolize appreciation and adoration. Roses don’t bloom long, but are comforting and give people a sense of happiness. Pansies symbolize resilience, they seem delicate but are tough and can withstand any person stepping on them. Pansies are the only flower to bloom in the snow to the fall. Sunflowers are tough and stand tall. They don’t bloom for long, but they’re beautiful and carry a strong presence. They symbolize pride, dedication, loyalty, and are very resourceful. Poppies, the national flower of Palestine, every color in the poppy is in the Palestinian Flag. Poppies symbolize hope and perseverance. Culturally they serve as a reminder of those we lost by the hands of our occupiers. They radiate our land and remind us of our connection to our home.

Jenin Yaseen is a Palestinian artist based in Dearborn. Nablus, her hometown, had taught her the significance of making art for the sake of life.

Part of our 2024 Fiction Issue.

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