Black women voters are Dems ride-or-die

Will Black women continue to blindly offer their loyalty to Democrats or any Democrat for political office? They are the definition of a “monolithic” group when it comes to politics. If you are a Democrat, then they are voting for you.

History is proof (according to Roper for Public Opinion Research). It tells us that since 2000, Black women have given Republicans approximately 8% of their vote – with a high of 12% and a low of 4%. Former President Barack Obama averaged 94%. Democrats such as Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and President Joe Biden together also averaged around 90%. Trump hit the highest mark for a Republican – 12% in the last election.

But, with the white women vote nearly evenly split, one could argue that the Black women vote could decide the upcoming presidential election. Even if they stay home on Election Day, Biden loses.

In politics those who object to this standard of Democrat support risk being ostracized. Their political ambitions would be thwarted.

If you are a Democratic elected official that spouts racist remarks, then you are tolerated by this base. Want examples?

A Democratic sitting congresswoman’s campaign referred to her Black male Republican challenger as “Curious George,” a reference to the monkey in a children’s book. The challenger’s name was also George, but he was not a monkey. She, a Black woman, won her re-election, narrowly.

Recently, a sitting white Democratic congressman seeking a seat in the U.S. Senate referred to a political adversary who happened to be a Black man as a “jigaboo.” Yes, that is a racist term comparable to the “N-word.” And the white politician does not feel he should be judged poorly by Black people either, especially Black women. The wannabe U.S. Senator voiced his comments at a Congressional Committee meeting in a manner that would convince anyone listening that he has used the term and worse words before to describe Black people.

In both instances, if a Republican member of Congress sunk to such levels, they would be forced to resign or the voters would “retire” them.

I cannot explain why such a high percentage of Black women vote Democrat. Only the abortion issue comes to mind. Maybe that is why Democrats are attempting to make the abortion issue their top one this election cycle.

What is noteworthy is that Black women seem to accept racist comments and hurtful acts by Democrats constantly, even when it can hurt their own children.

As another example, let us examine a major issue like education. Black women seem “OK” with their children going to segregated schools. In many states, schools are more racially segregated today than when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were alive.

Sadly, those involved in the 1960s Civil Rights movement suffered and died to racially desegregate America, especially its schools. All the “big named” Civil Rights legends fought for “this right.” Future Supreme Court Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall advocated for “this right.” And the historic Brown vs. the Board of Education declared “this right.” Yet, for Black women it seems “OK” because prominent Democrats say so. They merely follow their leaders.

The Democrats’ accomplice in denying education freedom – school choice – is the de facto pro-segregation teachers’ union, the National Education Association being the largest and one of the most powerful in Washington, DC. The teacher’s union has fought for decades to deny Black women the right to choose the schools they see fit for their children to attend. Remarkably Black women seem to be “all right” with their children being stuck in poor performing or even failing schools.

During my time as a congressman, the teachers’ union used mandatory dues from their millions of members to help fuel their de facto pro-segregation practices. I and other Republicans have fought for decades for school choice, magnet schools, charter schools and any other programs that would give parents options.

The teachers’ union gives nearly every dollar of their millions in federal campaign contributions to Democratic candidates and incumbents including their best allies – Black elected officials.

I am baffled as to why Black women concede to having their children attend poor performing schools instead of demanding the financial support to exercise school choice.

Ironically, a quick check of where prominent Democratic elected officials – Black and white – have sent their children for elementary and secondary schools would show that Democratic leaders exercise their “school choice” rights. But, these same folks deny that same right to their constituents. For decades they have been blocking “school choice” for Black children.

There is no greater hypocrisy in modern day politics, and it is aided and abetted by the liberal media. If Republicans were “blocking” Black children from going to white schools, they would be called racists.

This is reminiscent of the 1960s racial segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace’s efforts. He literally stood in front of the entrance of the University of Alabama to “block” Black people from entering the white university.

There is truly no logic to this hateful comparison.

Maybe, just maybe, this could be the year that Black men give Republicans an unprecedented (at least in recent decades) lift in elections. They realize that repeatedly hitting their heads against the wall while expecting a different result makes absolutely no sense.

But, let us not forget Biden’s infamous claim in an interview with Charlamagne tha God. Biden said: “If you, as a Black man, have to think about who you are going to vote for, you ain’t Black.” (Thank you, Mr. Biden, for in one sentence setting back race relations for a generation. In a Democracy, we should not encourage or reinforce monolithic tendencies in a group per politics.)

Democrats realize that they cannot win presidential elections without nearly every possible Black vote. And for Black women, if you are a Democratic elected official, you can do no wrong.

Gary Franks served three terms as U.S. representative for Connecticut’s 5th District. He was the first Black Republican elected to the House in nearly 60 years and New England’s first Black member of the House. Host: podcast “We Speak Frankly.” @GaryFranks/Tribune News Service

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