Biden: Netanyahu's method is harming Israel

Biden: Netanyahu’s method is harming Israel

Netanyahu’s method is not benefiting Israel but harming it…Biden cornered friend on deteriorating situation in Gaza

Continuous bombing is also being done by Israel. On one hand this is causing deaths and on the other hand there is difficulty in evacuating the people buried under the debris. Due to this, there is a danger of diseases spreading.

Washington: More than 30 thousand people have died in Israel’s attacks in Gaza that have been going on for almost five months. According to the Hamas-run Health Ministry, most of the dead were children and women. A large number of people have been displaced, which has also created a humanitarian crisis.

Due to lack of proper relief material reaching Gaza, people are on the verge of dying of hunger. A large number of children falling ill due to malnutrition and due to it are being admitted to hospitals. Israel is being criticized all over the world on this. Now objection has also been expressed from its closest friend America.

US President Joe Biden said in an interview on Saturday that the way civilians are being killed in Gaza is not good for Israel. Biden said, ‘I think Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hurting Israel instead of helping it with his war tactics against Hamas in Gaza. Netanyahu should pay more attention to the incidents of innocent deaths resulting from this action.

Biden also said that about 1.3 million Palestinians have taken refuge in Rafah, Gaza, and attacking this area is a red line for Israel.

Criticism of Israel, support also reiterated

While Joe Biden raised questions on Netanyahu’s working style, he also expressed support for Israel’s right to take action against Hamas. Despite this, it is believed that his latest comments point towards his strained relations with Netanyahu. On the question of large numbers of people being killed in Gaza, Biden said that this is contrary to what Israel is committed to and I think it is a big mistake.

Biden has said many times that Israel may lose international support due to the large number of civilian deaths in Gaza.

However, Biden has not put any significant pressure on Israel for a ceasefire. Biden also said in a recent interview that he would not stop the supply of weapons such as Iron Dome missile interceptors that protect Israelis from rocket attacks.


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