Armed fight at South Boston high school leaves one student injured, one arrested

One student was arrested and a knife was confiscated after a fight between two teenagers that sent a South Boston high school into lockdown.

Head of School Nachelle Gordon said Excel High School was placed into “safe mode” for approximately 25 minutes Wednesday, “due to a physical altercation involving a few students.” Police said the fight occurred inside the school.

“Excel High School, like other schools in the Boston Public Schools, focuses on fostering a safe environment for every member of our community,” Gordon wrote in a letter to families. “Any student in need is encouraged to speak with our school social worker.”

The fight left one student with minor injuries, which were treated on scene by the school nurse and responding EMS personnel. School staff deescalated the altercation and confiscated a knife produced by a student after the situation was resolved, Gordon wrote.

The Boston Police Department arrested a 16-year-old female student on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a police report states.

The case is considered closed, with one suspect and one victim identified, a BPD spokesperson told the Herald.

The police report details an incident involving at least three to four students, but notes that the actual fight was between two girls, one of whom, per a witness, swung a knife to “slice” the left side of the other girl’s face.

The witness stated the girl wielding the knife then chased the other female student up the stairs with the weapon, according to the police report.

Other students, listed as witnesses, stated that the fistfight stemmed from an ongoing issue between the two girls. The female student described as wielding the knife stated that she pulled it out to defend herself, the report states.

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