5 takeaways from Olivia Rodrigo’s sold-out concert at TD Garden


“You’re going to scream at the top of your lungs, can you do that?” Rodrigo told the sold-out crowd at TD Garden on Monday night.

Olivia Rodrigo performs at TD Garden in Boston on Monday night.
Olivia Rodrigo performs “all-American bitch” at TD Garden in Boston on Monday night. Heather Alterisio/

One thing was clear following the first of two sold-out Guts Tour shows at TD Garden: Boston is “happier” with Olivia Rodrigo.

As colorful, star-shaped confetti rained down on the crowd Monday night, fans could feel a sense of relief and freedom in the air. The show was, in many ways, a cathartic release of emotions.

“I want everyone in here up and out of your seats,” Rodrigo told the crowd, welcoming everyone to the Guts World Tour. “I want you to jump around. I want you to scream.”

And scream, they did. At various points throughout the night, Rodrigo encouraged fans to let loose and release anything that might be stressing them out.

Toward the end of “all-American bitch,” Rodrigo asked the crowd to think about something that really enrages them, wait for the lights to turn off, and then scream.

“You’re going to scream at the top of your lungs, can you do that?” she said, as the crowd roared back.

Here are some takeaways from Monday night’s show:

You want the moon? For her fans, Rodrigo reaches for the stars

For her performances of “logical” and “enough for you,” Rodrigo not only shot for the moon; she actually rode one as she dangled atop a large, purple crescent moon, suspending above the floor seats. As she moved above the crowd and around the arena, the singer made sure to shout out those seated in the different levels of the balcony.

‘Growing up is so f—ing awesome’

From her debut album “Sour” to her sophomore album “Guts,” Rodrigo’s growth is clear not only in the lyrics and her voice, but in her confidence, too.

Ahead of performing “teenage dream,” Rodrigo opened up about the writing process and how she has come into our own since she first came up with the lyrics.

“I wrote this next song a few days before I turned 19 at a time where I just thought growing up was the scariest, worst thing in the world. I cried on every birthday,” she told the mostly female and overall, notably young crowd.

Reflecting on her most recent birthday in February though, she said, “I’m 21 now and I feel so happy and I feel like I know myself so well and if I could give any advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be that growing up is f–––ing awesome and you have no idea how much excitement and joy lies ahead of you.”

Boston fans are ‘so obsessed’

Rodrigo took time during the show to scan the arena and admire fans’ fits – a wave of purple, sequins, ribbons, sashes, and other music video-inspired themes.

“What a gorgeous crowd. Oh my god, I can’t believe my eyes,” she said, as fan cameras panned around. Watch the video below: also caught up with some fans before the show. Take a look at some of their looks:

Kendra Weaver, 14, and Elina Tucker, 13, both of Brunswick, Maine. – Emily Turner/
Rose Trammell, 22, of Providence, R.I., left, with Harmony Lindstrom, 23, of Providence, R.I., and Olivia Hill, 22, of Poughkeepsie, New York. – Emily Turner/
Brandly Luperon, 21, and Chianti Mahari, 21, both of New Bedford. – Emily Turner/
Aubree Veilleux, 16, left, with Isabella Donnery, 17, Gracie Mitchell, 17, and Gabi D’Orso-Palmer, 17. – Emily Turner/

Rodrigo’s all-female band and dancers bring the fire

The energy of Monday night’s show would not have been the same without Rodrigo’s incredible all-female band and a team of backup dancers.

Check out the “love is embarrassing” choreography for an example below:

Boston’s love for Chappell Roan is anything but ‘casual’

Rodrigo’s opener, Chappell Roan, kicked off the show with powerful hits like “Femininomenon,” “Red Wine Supernova,” “Pink Pony Club,” and the fiery dance bop, “HOT TO GO!”

This week’s two tour stops in Boston were especially bittersweet for Roan, as she noted it was the last city on the Guts World Tour that she would be serving as Rodrigo’s opener.

“But I’m glad it was Boston,” Roan said, as the crowd cheered.

Later in the show, Rodrigo, who she shares producer Dan Nigro with Roan, spoke highly of the Midwest Princess.

“How incredible was Chappell Roan?” Rodrigo asked the crowd. “She’s amazing. I’m a big fan. She was actually my No. 1 artist on Spotify Wrapped last year.”

For those who missed Monday night’s show and are unable to get resale tickets for Tuesday night’s sold-out show, there will still be another opportunity to see Roan live this spring. The “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl” singer returns to Boston on Sunday, May 26 for Boston Calling.

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