$124,998 Barbie van in Volo offers fun, fashion and plenty of pink

Anyone considering purchasing Volo Auto Museum’s Barbie camper should know one thing before proceeding: There is no haggling.

The fully restored pink, mint-condition, 1975 Volkswagen camper costs $124,998, according to the museum website.

“We’re firm on the price,” said Volo Museum marketing director Jim Wojdyla explaining that the four-cylinder, four-speed, 38-horsepower camper bus is “priced for quality and craftsmanship.”

“It’s fully restored,” he said, “as if you were to buy it new, off of the showroom floor.”

Crafted to turn heads and raise eyebrows, the fully functional camper has a sliding vinyl roof, 23 windows (including front safari windows), chrome trim and a Cyclops headlight. Inside, there’s a small sink and refrigerator, a single burner cooktop, storage and a bench that converts to a bed.

The vehicle runs like new, said Wojdyla. And while it can “hold its own on the highway,” the Barbie van won’t win any races.

“Thirty-eight horsepower will get you up to 60 miles per hour downhill with the wind at your back,” he jokes adding, the Barbie van “will get more smiles per hour than miles per hour.”

The Barbie van’s interior includes a single burner cooktop, sink, refrigerator and a bench that folds into a bed, all for less than $125,000.
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Preparations for the restoration began last year, as “Barbie” buzz commenced in advance of the film release, according to Wojdyla. Volo Museum representatives and its affiliated auto dealership decided to capitalize and contracted with a Brazilian company to perform a rotisserie restoration on a vintage VW. A rotisserie restoration involves stripping a vehicle down to its frame and putting it on a rotating car rotisserie, making every part of the vehicle accessible. Mechanics then clean, repair and rebuild the vehicle to almost new condition.

They thought the movie would be big, Wojdyla says, but they didn’t realize how big. In retrospect, they should have. A 1970s Barbie Cadillac convertible, from Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center, has long been a popular museum attraction.

“It’s a great conversation piece,” Wojdyla said of the van, which is flanked by a pink flamingo and a life-size Barbie look-alike at the museum. “And it’s fun.”

The Volo Auto Museum’s Barbie van is a lot of fun, says marketing director Jim Wojdyla, but it’s not for everyday use.
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But it’s not for daily use. This is a special occasion vehicle, like many of the collectibles for sale at the dealership, whose inventory includes classics from the 1930s through the 1970s as well as a handful of new special edition vehicles, Wojdyla said.

While the dealership offers what industry insiders call “resto-mods,” which refers to vehicles that have been restored and modified with amenities such as power brakes, power steering and air conditioning. This isn’t one of them.

“The Barbie van is not a resto-mod,” Wojdyla said. “It’s been restored to original condition” — meaning no updates.

For the Barbie fan who has everything, there’s the fully restored 1975 Volkswagen camper van. And it can be yours for $124,998.
John Starks/

Wojdyla doesn’t think a buyer will care. He imagines it will be someone who likes having fun.

“Obviously, the ultra-Barbie fan is a perfect fit for this vehicle. It looks as close to a toy without being one,” he said. “But really it’s just an awesome conversation piece. It’s the perfect blend of fun, fashion and function.”

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