Tracking Chicago homicides in 2024: Number of victims, location

Information about homicides is released daily by the city of Chicago. The release of homicide victims’ names is delayed by two weeks to allow time for the victims’ families to be notified of a death by Chicago police.

The homicide figures do not include killings that occurred in self-defense or in other circumstances not measured in Chicago police statistics. Homicide data from the Illinois State Police, which patrols the city’s expressways, also is not included here.

After a two-year spike during the pandemic and national outrage over police accountability, Chicago began to see a decline in homicides in 2022. Homicide and nonfatal shooting totals fell again in 2023, but the city was roiled by robbery and carjacking crews responsible for an overall uptick in violence.

Data, which is updated on this page weekly, is through June 26, 2024.

The number of people slain so far in 2024: 262.

That’s 33 fewer people killed when compared with 2023.

Austin leads all community areas with the most homicides so far in 2024 — 21.

Where each homicide has occurred so far in 2024 (through June 26)

Sources: City of Chicago, Tribune reporting


Chicago’s homicide victims in 2024 are often young, Black and male.

Most homicide victims in Chicago died as the result of gunshot wounds.


Sources: City of Chicago; Tribune reporting and archives

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