Protesters missing a lesson in history

Ordinarily you might forgive them in the Christian sense because they do not know what they are doing.

That would be the kindest way to deal with the virulent and mindless cross country campus attacks on Jews, who happen to be fellow students as well as fellow Americans.

They don’t know what they are doing.

Otherwise, they would not be chanting, among other menacing slogans, that “There is only one solution” in dealing with Jews, which instantly recalls Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

That was the Nazi World War II systematic murder of six million innocent Jewish men, women and children merely on the grounds that they were Jews.

Do these supposedly educated students at Columbia, Yale, Harvard, George Washington University, MIT and elsewhere really know what they are chanting about? Do their professors know?

Do they even teach history in college these days, let alone World War II? Are places like Dachau, Auschwitz and Buchenwald even mentioned?

Perhaps they do not know, which is bad enough. But it would be pure evil if they do know and chant their death chants anyway.

Either way it is what Hannah Arendt called the “banality of evil.”

That is what happens when evil behavior and immoral principles among average people are normalized, like Hitler and Nazi’s Germany attitude toward killing Jews because they were Jews.

It is similar to the behavior of the thousands of average American college students who have suddenly morphed into virulent Jewish haters under the guise of Israel’s justified invasion of Gaza after Hamas first invaded Israel

Arendt, a Jewish philosopher and writer, made her remark about the “banality of evil” in her 1963 book “Eichman in Jerusalem: a Report on the Banality of Evil.”

Eichmann, an average German who embraced Naziism, was responsible for transporting millions of Jews to Nazi death camps to be exterminated during the Holocaust.

He was captured by the Mossad, Israel’s secret service, hiding out in Argentina after the war and brought to Israel to stand trial. He was found guilty and hanged in 1962. What surprised many was that there was nothing remarkable about Eichmann.

There is nothing remarkable about the pro Hamas, Jew-baiting college students taunting Jews and wrecking college campuses and college life either.

In Germany, however, the Jews were falsely blamed for Germany’ defeat in World War One, and the Nazis built on that lie to vilify all Jews, including German Jews, many of whom had fought for Germany in the war. The Nazis claimed that they Jews had stabbed Germany in the back and the German people bought into it as though it were true.

In the United States, unlike in Germany, the feverish anti-Jewish hate that has swept across college campuses is not natural, but has been brought in by immigrants, professors and “students” from Mideast Arab and Muslim nations.

They have impacted tenured progressive college professors and weak-minded college presidents and administrators to not only turn against U.S. support for Israel, but to turn against their own Jewish students as well.

It is shameful what they are doing to the country.

During summer break, some of these professors should be forced to take their students to Normandy where the U.S. landed on the beaches on June 6, 1944—eighty years ago next month– to begin the defeat of Hitler, Germany, and the Nazis. The U.S, and its allies freed the Nazi occupied European democracies like France, Belgium, The Netherlands and so on.

Belatedly as it was, they also freed the still living Jews from the Nazi death camps like Dachau and the other Nazi extermination hellholes.

Above the beach at Normandy is the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer with its sweeping view of the sea and beaches below. There are 10,000 young American soldiers buried there, many killed on those beaches. They died fighting for freedom.

There are rows upon rows of crosses upon the graves. There are also many graves marked with the Star of David.

It was America at its best. Go see it.

Peter Lucas is a veteran political reporter. Email him at:

Protest signs pile up Thursday on the encampment space on the President's Lawn at Tufts University. (Libby O'Neill/Boston Herald)
Protest signs pile up Thursday on the encampment space on the President’s Lawn at Tufts University. (Libby O’Neill/Boston Herald)

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