Property tax bills begin arriving in many suburbs

Property tax bills for the collar counties should be hitting taxpayer mailboxes over the next several days.
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Most suburban residents in the collar counties will begin receiving their property tax bills in the mail this week, though some are arriving slightly later than expected.

Bills were mailed out on time by treasurers in Kane and Lake counties on May 1, but a software issue delayed mailings in DuPage County by a few days. DuPage bills are expected to be mailed Friday and Saturday, Treasurer Gwen Henry said. In all three counties, property tax bill information was available online by May 1 or earlier.

In McHenry County, property tax bill details are expected to be available online Friday, while physical copies of the bills won’t be mailed until May 10 and payment is due June 10.

This is the first installment and payment is due about 30 days later, the second installment is due the first week of September, county treasurers said.

Cook County residents already received their first installment bill earlier this year and a second installment payment is usually due Aug. 1.

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