Penn grad students weigh union; Shakespeare goes horror; Trauma in schools

Penn grad students may vote to unionize next month

After years of organizing, thousands of graduate student workers at the University of Pennsylvania will decide whether or not to unionize in mid-April.

Student organizers are currently fighting an NLRB ruling that about 300 people aren’t eligible to unionize, despite working a full work week teaching or researching while also doing their studies. WHYY’s Kristen Mosbrucker-Garza delves into next steps and what unionizing would mean for about 4,500 grad students. Continue reading…

Luella Allen-Waller, a graduate student inside the University of Pennsylvania’s biology department said 3,000 of her colleagues signed petition cards to join the union. (Kristen Mosbrucker-Garza/WHYY)

Shakespeare’s Scottish play as a psychological horror show

“It should feel like a horror story. There are dark supernatural moments. There are body parts being pulled out of witches’ cauldrons. There are heads being cut up. Covered in blood – six different characters are described that way in the script.”

That is how director Alex Burns describes the new production of  “Macbeth” by Quintessence Theatre Co., which emphasizes the psychological horror of Shakespeare’s infamous indictment of power and ambition. BP’s Jane M. Von Bergen spoke with Burns about what audiences can expect from the production. Continue reading…

The cast of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth at Quintessence Theatre Group. (Linda Johnson/Quintessence Theatre Group)

RECAP: What else happened?

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• A federal appeals panel overturned a lower court ruling that allowed undated ballots to be counted. The ACLU responded that they are “considering all our options.” [NPR/ACLU]

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