Jaylen Brown gives positive injury updates after Celtics’ win


Brown talked about potential back, knee, and hand injuries, but didn’t seem too concerned about any of the ailments postgame.

Jaylen Brown played through multiple seemingly minor injuries in Saturday’s win. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Jaylen Brown played through a few different injuries in Saturday’s win over the Pelicans, but he didn’t seem too concerned about any of them.

In the first quarter of the Celtics’ win, Brown slipped on the court and appeared to tweak his knee. He had it looked at by the medical staff but didn’t miss significant game action from it.

Later, Brown looked like he hurt his hand, but again played through the pain. Speaking postgame, he added a third ailment to the list.

“I’m alright … had a little back tightness. Outside of that, I’m good,” Brown said.

Of the knee injury, Brown clarified that he didn’t actually tweak it. Rather, he banged it on the court. He added that “the court was a little slick” on Saturday. So, luckily just a stinger in that instance.

The hand appears to have the biggest potential to become more serious.

“I’m going to get that looked at when we get back to Boston,” Brown said. “But, it’s been bothering me for a little bit now.”

Even through all that, Brown didn’t seem too affected by the bumps on Saturday. He still played 35 minutes, scoring 17 points while contributing seven rebounds and six assists.

Boston still has eight games remaining in the regular season. So, even if Brown needs a little bit of rest down the stretch, he shouldn’t have to miss any postseason time. Unless, of course, further check ups on his hand come back as more serious than initially thought.

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