Gen Z is watching ‘Sex and the City’ for the first time. Our discovery? Carrie is a terrible friend – Boston Herald

By Kaitlyn Huamani, Los Angeles Times

“Sex and the City” is now one of Netflix’s most-watched shows as it settles into its new streaming home. Since the series’ April 1 debut on the platform, a whole new audience — many of whom weren’t born when the show premiered on HBO in 1998, changing the TV landscape — is discovering it. The comedy has been streaming on Max and on Hulu (through its Live TV plan), but the “Netflix effect” is unmatched.

The witty humor, the relatable dating woes and the core friendship that hold “Sex and the City” together make it a timeless treasure, and it’s starting to resonate with a new generation.

As a Gen Z woman trying to catch up on pop culture phenomena like “SATC” that came before my time, I’ve started diving into some episodes with friends. We laugh, we debate whether we’re a Charlotte or a Miranda and we wonder what it would’ve been like to carry beepers.

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