Elise Organic Ice Cream finds community at Morningside Farmer’s Market

Elise Organic Ice Cream founder Simone Elise Gordon, left. (Courtesy Elise Organic Ice Cream)

Farmer’s markets in Atlanta are creating community and recognition for the bakers, recipe makers, and foodies of Atlanta. Elise Organic Ice Cream, a Black-owned small business creating homemade sweet treats, is one of them.

Metro Atlanta has at least 42 farmers markets in rotation throughout the year, giving farmers and entrepreneurs plenty of opportunities to find communities and fans.

Morningside Farmer’s Market was started in 1995 and was the first of its kind to require certified organic vegetables and vegetables. It runs every Saturday year-round from 8 to 11.30 a.m. at Morningside Presbyterian Church. Elise Organic Ice Cream is among the 12 stands at the market every weekend.

Owner and founder Simone Elise Gordon started her business July 16, 2022, and will be marking two years this summer. She opened her stand at Morningside with only vanilla bean and now has up to five flavors such as coffee, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, and peppermint chip.

Elise Organic is true to its name as it uses 100% USDA-certified ingredients and aims to create sweet treats without the harmful components of store-bought ice cream. 

Gordon creates her own recipes for each ice cream mix. She credits her success to the financial ease of joining a farmer’s market.

“I only pay $25 to $35 every Saturday to sell my pints of ice cream. I’m able to keep all the profits and put that towards my business which wouldn’t be possible if I was paying over $400 to sell my product in a retail market,” Gordan said. 

She urges fellow Black businesses to look into the farmer’s markets near them as a potential space to create a customer base. She believes farmer’s markets are the perfect place to build community as well as have first-hand contact with customers.

“I rarely go to farmer’s markets, but Elise Organic Ice Cream is a plus to find when you are looking for something that’s not pumped with lots of chemicals,” said Peace Megan a regular Elise customer.  

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